So I lied.. I wasn't done collecting my HGs! + a Picturebook Ending..

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  1. Welllllll, by now most of you know that my seemingly neverending search for the uber elusive Light Grey Venetia came to a halt in December. I SWORE I was done, that I was finally content- that all my bag funds were depleted (ok fine that last part is a bit exaggerated. Who doesnt save up for a Rainy Day-Bag? :P) I've been WAY lucky to acquire every single HG that had slowly accumulated on my List (and picked up a few more bags along the way :graucho:) I'll have to add a Collection photo at the end.

    Listed By Order with Acquisition Date:

    Added 11/07: Light Grey Venetia - Found 12/08
    Added 12/07: Bordeaux Blake - Found 02/08
    Added 03/08: Topaz Stam - Found 04/08

    There was one more. Do any of you remember what it was? Because I came CLOSE to getting it, and eventually settled for a different bag in that color. Well I finally got THE bag recently, so I need to sell her cousin.

    I won't tease you all, but see if this jogs your memory-

    Bag on Left: Most recently acquired HG, Bag on Right: the cousin I settled for:

  2. Is it an Elise?
  3. OOps, here's the next clue-


    The bowler has got to go soon....
  4. Ooh then I guess a blush Ursula Elise. :P

  5. YUP!!!!! (good to see you posting, Melly!)

    Here she is

  6. OMG!!! :drool: :faint: :drool: It's gorgeous!! Where did you find it?
  7. I love it Coach! Glad you were able to find your HG!
  8. can i borrow some of your luck? ;) the blush elise looks fantastic. congrats, coach!
  9. very pretty congrats on both!!
  10. :woohoo:beautiful!! congrats on finding your HG..
  11. What an incredibly gorgeous bag - you lucky lady!!!!
  12. THANKS Melly, tiger, baglover, and dragoncandy! tadpole- no, you may not have any of my luck, you've been doing just fine on your own!! JK JK I would gladly give you some luck to get your hands on a Light grey venetia, too

    I love my new Elise - It's sooooo gorgeous. I will have to take more pics b/c that one does not do it justice.

    I snatched it up after sweetart PM'd me... Ann's Fab Finds has had it for monthhhs, NWT, but it just recently decreased in price, so I thought about it for an hour and pulled the trigger! :nuts:
  13. It's sooooo pretty! CONGRATS on finding your HG! And to see the two bags together...:faint:
  14. Both are so pretty! Congrats Coach. Can I have some of your luck too!?!
  15. It's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
    Next to the Cecilia, the Elise is one of my all-time favorite MJ styles. (actually come to think of it, I have a lot of all-time favorites!)
    I think I've been having some of your luck recently, myself--thanks for inadvertently spreading it around!:P