So I know the Stephen is sold out...

  1. but will they be making more?? like can you be put on a waitlist??
  2. I think it was a Limited line. Call Saks LV store in chicago still had one about 5-6 weeks ago. There have got to be some left!
  3. The regular one? Valley Fair has one, I think...I don't think it's sold out....I was mentioning to my SA I was thinking about one, and she just said, it's very cute and I know you like bigger bags.....nothing about hurry and get it or anything.

    The leopard one is probably sold out tho.
  4. yeah after seeing the pic of kim k. i really want the regular you know how much it retails?? a couple thousand right??
  5. twinkle.tink you always have the best info! lol.
  6. It retailed for 2070 I think. I bought one when they first came out.

    Are they sold out already?
  7. idk i asked about one and someone on here told me they were sold out world i thought id ask.
  8. This is one of my favorite bags! I was worried about all the vachetta but Im over it right now. (its comes and goes) I hope you find one...I have adored it!
  9. :shame: You say obsessed like it's a bad
  10. lol.

    thanks everyone.....hopefully i will get this bag!
  11. I think the mono/vachetta one is permanant isn't it? It's the leopard one thats limited
  12. It's on elux every now and then. Might check there or call 866 to locate one for you. This is the only bag that has a 2 year warranty.
  13. oh really?? i ididnt know that. hmmm.

  14. 2 year warranty? Huh? Tell me more
  15. Read this in a fashion mag or some website when the Stephen first release as a commemorative item to designer Stephen Sprouse. And that this is the first LV purse with a 2 year warranty and that the bag will be sold for the year until the supply depletes.