So I just ordered my first Louis Vuitton.

  1. I was going between the Speedy 30 in red Epi or Damier canvas, but then I saw this and fell instantly in love. It's the Ribera MM. I'm going by only the pictures online so maybe it's not for me, but I had to take a chance. I love that it is a little like a Speedy, but different at the same time.
  2. congrats on your first LV!
  3. I've always liked the Ribera MM.

    I love the unique shape of it and the rareness of it.

    Great choice .... :tup:

    Don't forget to post pics when it arrives.

  4. That's a great bag! I love how it looks IRL!!
  5. Beautiful bag...congrats!
  6. Congrats :heart: I just sold mine :crybaby:
  7. Congrats, I love it...perfect for your first!!
  8. Oh and by the way, this means I am :banned: from any more bags until at least summer. I have a few to rotate between so I think I'll be okay. ;)
  9. That's a really pretty bag, congratulations! LV can be really addicting, so I have a feeling you'll be buying more in the future :smile:
  10. ohhh yeah thats really cute
  11. Very Cute! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats on your first LV....
  13. Great bag & good choice. Hope you love it when you get it.
  14. very nice, congrats!
  15. Congrats!!! the ribera MM is a great bag.