so i just made a little balenciaga impulse buy...

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    i'm beyond confident in it's authenticity plus i can return for a full refund. the correct color and size i had been looking for forever, plus almost 200 off for a tiny scuff on the bottom. i'm so excited!

    fayden, we're bag twins now! lol.
  2. Wow!! :nuts: Nice purchase!
  3. thanks! i'm so excited, i want it nowwwwwww.
  4. Aww.. that's beautiful, I love the pewter colour !
  5. Lovely, congrats!
  6. super find Amanda; I am so happy for you. You will have to post your own pics when it arrives to you.
  7. Nice!
  8. I really like that Pewter color - even if the metallic trend dies, that shade will still be subdued enough to be gorgeous forever.
  9. Amanda, I am very, very happy for you!:love: It is a gorgeous bag. Use it well, congratulations!
  10. Very cute, Amanda!
  11. So ... that was YOU who did the "Buy it Now" (did it before I had the opportunity to look at your email and the bag!).

    Okay ... so now for the bad news ...

    Look at the auction from the seller "Personalshoppers" - of a "first" (previously called the City Classique)

    Specifically, the pictures with the Silver Balenciaga plate (pictures 6 and 7). Now, look at the bag you bought ... notice any difference?

    Now, mind you ... it could be that I'm not seeing it ... but the bag should have a silver metal plate - not just leather. Only the early bags (from about the first year) had just the leather "plate". All the bags after that will have the silver plate (with some exceptions - which unfortunately have escaped my fried brain at the moment - sorry!).

    Just to make sure, I'm going to look up my "notes" and check again ... News at 11:00!
  12. Hi ceejay! The 2005 Metallics do have just the leather tag - no silver plate.

    Congratulations amanda on an awesome bag! By the way amanda, is that a Frenchie in your avatar?
  13. That's interesting because I'm almost positive that the 2005 Red Metallic and Pink Metallic "firsts" (city classique) bags had the metal plate (I know my Red Metallic clutch does - although the plate is the same Red color). Also, my Pink Metallic Medium City Classique definitely has the metal plate.

    Do you have a 2005 Metallic "First"? Can you post pictures of it? I just want to make sure. I SINCERELY hope that it's legit ...
  14. congrats amanda!! it's gooorrgeous! i have the 04 pewter, and love it lots.. it's like the perfect blend between Fab and Neutral =) enjoy it!
  15. The 2005 Fall Collection Metallics came in four colors...pewter, silver, bronze and light pink. They definitely had the all-leather tag. I did own a bronze first for a little while, but I sold it on eBay ;)