So, i just got back from the boutique.... (pics) Long post!!

  1. So i just got back from the boutique, have lots of stuff to share!!:yes:
    Ive been looking for a shoulder bag for a while so I had a look at lots of bags, they had the PM hamstead in, TDF!!!! its HUGE!! Easily fitted over my arms! Saw the montaigne clutch and segur pochette, wasnt my style... tried on the lexington vernis and loved it!!! They had it in all colours but I think im gonna wait and get it in the amarante:yes:

    So I was talking to the SA, who was great btw! And he started talking about "oh we have the new vernis colour coming out" ~ I say oh yes the amarante? He looks at me funny and says yes, how do you know?:confused1: Anywho, still taking and I say, any other new bags coming out? Isnt there a new miroir bag being released? He looks at me like wtf, how does she know all this! Then I say its the lockit isnt it? Hes like, stuttered and said em yes:s how do you know? I just shrug my shoulders! So confirmation of the lockit, I said is there a waitlist? He says no not yet because no one knows about it ~ except for you!? lol, so he put my name down as a 'note' for the bag!:yahoo: There is only 1 coming to my store; they will prob just give it to their VIP but, worth a try and will have to wait and see!

    I had a GREAT time there, def sticking with this SA (I think male ones are better)!

    Oh and last info, this girl was in there with the BIGGEST balenciaga bag eva! I swear it was 1m wide!!

    Anyway! Without further mumbling! My new purchase!!!
  2. Shes soo pretty!!!
  3. She's gorgeous! I have the same one and I LOVE it! Congrats on the new purchase!! :biggrin:
  4. Oh and because im going to be using her as a purse I decided to clip my noisette cles on her for the change holder!
    And an updated collection shot! xx
  5. pretty!!!
  6. The family pic is great!
    Love the cles!!!
  7. She is really pretty.. congrats :yahoo:
  8. Its so sparkly!! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. Ooooh!! That is gorgeous, hon! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. :nuts: congrats!! so gorgeous!!
  11. Love it it goes great with your other pieces. So did you find any info about anything else new?
  12. Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. Preeeeety framboise agenda! Congrats!!! :smile:
  14. Thanks everyone!!! Im soo happy ive got her! I feel like I can relax a bit and enjoy what i have for the moment now! xx
    CLAIRE: No, just that he says amarante prob released in end of June, 1 miroir bag, thats it, tbh I seriously think we know more than the SAs! lol!
    There was the dentelle bh there, LOADZ of dentelle pieces still! And loads of azur also xx
  15. congrats! love the color!