So I just got an ink shrug for 50% off....

  1. I was at Shirise today and they marked down their remaining bags 50%. All that was really left were some shrugs and some other things. They also had a lot Bottega and YSL and MJ marked down 50%. I didn't ask David but I assume you can get the sale price over the phone so if anyone is interested, give him a call tomorrow.
  2. omg! what 'other things'!!?!??! what's their number?! too tempting....
  3. Hey Chigirl, your mailbox is full!
  4. 0o0o0o congrats!!! INK rocks!
  5. thanks!! i am excited to try it out.

    most of what they had were shrugs, some ponyhair, maybe an emerald city or first. i just stopped in after a long roadtrip so was a bit out of it. sorry.
  6. what does it look like, are u able to take a pic of it?
  7. Congrats, Chigirl!!! Can't wait to see your pics.
  8. give me a sec... i will take one and post it.
  9. oooh, did they happen to have any interesting mj bags?
  10. Lol! Thanks sweetie:flowers:. What a fantastic deal you had there!
  11. thanks! I totally have never seen a shrug IRL. :heart:
  12. Does anyone know the number? I NEED a Balenciaga!
  13. i just checked their website. it might be all the styles they have there.
  14. here are a couple pics
  15. what was the price and did they have any other inks left?