So I just found out my BF cheated on me....

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Aug 27, 2006
I agree. If any guy tries to buy a girl 'stuff' in order to 'redo the past' or to console her in such a way that HE is at an advantage, then I personally would call that prostitution:wtf: . Money isn't the problem, everyone has money these days, the point is having dignity. My cousin gave away a diamond CARTIER watch to me, which isn't cheap, simply because she broke up with this bf and didn't want to be forever haunted by him. I'm proud of her for doing that. You don't need a guy, nor money to make you happy.

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May 26, 2006
wow.. i might as well say what most people are thinking.. this is pretty gold diggerish of you to even consider accepting a purse from a guy who cheated on you. it's not a matter of how much money he has, or how much you really want a manhattan gm. i mean, honestly, what ever happened to morals and principles? that goes for both you and your boyfriend.

IMO, and correct me if i'm wrong, but you did ask for opinions.. you two obviously deserve each other.


Dec 1, 2006
This is a no brainer... Why would you even think about him buying you a purse would make up for all the bad things that he's done... I'm mean hello are you just being stupid or just plain dumb.. Have you ever heard of a saving "Once a cheater always a cheater!".. Ahhh just the idea of you considering the fact the he could buy you stuff to make you feel better makes me :sick: .. I'd say leave him, you're young there's a lot of things for you to experience, have fun and enjoy life... Don't be stuck in a relationship that you know won't work in a long run...:lecture:
Sep 8, 2006
dude.. i think u should get a bag from him, have him tell u how sorry he is, wait 14 days and then go up to his face, pound him a couple of times with it, threw it at him n call him bad names.. yes i'm a drama queen but that's how i would get over a lying scumbag.


May 27, 2006
no way, think about it. It's like he's going to buy you back with a bag. What if this happens next time? Will you just accept then too and get another bag from him? Bags vs. all that stress you'd go's just not worth it


Jan 29, 2006
Sounds like both of you need to spend more time working on your character than purchasing expensive purses.At age 22 you are considered an adult,for christ sake start acting like one before its too late.

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Mar 28, 2006
yeah well nothing physical happened. but i have caught him in SOOOO many lies. and found texts and messages and talked to the girl. ive just had just wondering if i should get a lil somethin somethin for my troubles.

Well depending on what the text msg's imply.... i say run its just the start of a long battle with more lies and cheating and then more.
If they text msg's are because they are friends and nothing more, you might be the jealous type and need to have a chat with him about the way you feel.

Not sure if i understood, he spent a 100K in a yr? Is that correct ? So is it his money? did he work for it ? As long as he's not wasting your money what does it matter? If he doesnt have a place to live because he's spending money like its going out of style, thats his issue and he's going to have to locate a place to live, dont help him out.
As for you asking for an lv and giving him the boot, hmmm you seem to have control issues and are as bad as him.
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