So I just found out my BF cheated on me....

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  1. or he might as well have.

    should i just leave him or have him buy me a LV purse and then leave him.

    He offered.

    i'm so p.o.-ed. :crybaby::cursing::shrugs:
  2. what did he do?
  3. and if you let him buy you something in an attempt to make it better (pathetic) and then leave him, you're as bad as he is. :o
  4. no. i dont think that. idc its not like he doesnt get tons of free money. its 20 years old and has gone through 100,000.00 in a year.
  5. Oh dear, sounds aweful, so sorry that happened !! Hope things work out for you, bad boyfriend!

    Take care and hug your bag.
  6. yeah well nothing physical happened. but i have caught him in SOOOO many lies. and found texts and messages and talked to the girl. ive just had just wondering if i should get a lil somethin somethin for my troubles.
  7. How much money he has isn't the point.
  8. and even though it was nothing physical....

    he might as well have cause it hurts the same.
  9. For your (apparently failed) attempt to find a meaninful relationship with someone you deserve nothing more than the time you shared and experience which will hopefully help you in the future.
  10. ooookay anyone else other than hegemon have a opinion?
  11. I'm sure everyone does, but using this as a justification to buy yourself a *purse* reflects on your own character just as much as his actions reflect on his own. But, if you aren't old enough to realize that now, I'm sure you will eventually. I'll butt out now.
  12. yeah.
  13. okay well forget it. can someone lock this post for me? ill just talk to my mom. cause the answers are like that.

    yeah im only 22 but whatever. ive never had to deal with this before.
  14. i wouldn't take a thing from a lying cheater, unless it was alimony

    you don't need anything from a snake like that

    you could find a bf who loves and respects you and buys you LV, a LV with good memories attached
  15. lol. yeah...i already said no. but now im having second thoughts. i really want that monogram gm. lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.