So I just called Coach about Maggie colors...

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  1. I got the Saffron Maggie last week and LOVE her. Love just about every color she comes in. I know I'm going to end up with another one in a different color, but I'd really prefer a green or a purple if it's the right shade.

    So, I thought I'd call and see if they're showing any other colors in the system.

    The gal told me that they didn't have any info now, and so I asked when they might get that info.

    She told me that they don't get that kind of information confirmed until things show up on the website.

    I just about started laughing. I didn't press her on it; I figure I'll just call back and hopefully get someone esle.

    I mean, seriously!!:rolleyes:
  2. Wow, she should know better than to say that.... Seriously! Seems like some of them are very snitty about disclosing information and others are very helpful and don't think it's a big deal.
  3. I just dont get why employees in general of Coach are so very challenged on their Merchandise. Seems like they should know more than us here. KWIM? Unreal.
  4. Well it seems like they just are tight lipped about it. I just thought about this: maybe they get lots of calls from people making the knock-offs wanting to get info ahead of time. If that's the case I can understand why they might be stingy on details.
  5. She could have at least she the look book or line sheets like every other retailer out there
  6. I wish i thought that about them being tight lipped. I dont think thats it. They don't love Coach like all of us do and dont care to know anymore than necessary. Thats my opinion anyway.
  7. That's a good point. I keep forgetting that for some people it's just a job, not a passion.
  8. Coach employee's run hot and cold... One day they have info and know all about the stock and what is on its way and the next day they just have no clue...

    I do not understand... I got that today at the FP Store...