So, I just bought 6 LV's in under a month?

  1. I joined tPF on January 6, 2007.

    From January 27 until now, I have purchased:

    I started off on the 27th with a Keepall and a Monogram Belt.

    Got a monogram Riveting Bag.

    I went crazy on eLux one night and ordered a Fushia Baggy GM, 4-key holder in Pomme, and denim Speedy case.

    I found a Jack and Lucie on eLux and HAD TO HAVE IT (or risk death, etc)

    Needed a framboise heart purse with burning.

    I fell in love with miroir and got a gold pap from eBay.

    I fell in love with Suhali and just ordered a Le Tal from eBay.

    I fell in love with Pamp and need a beach bag and will be getting it tomorrow, along with my inclusion Speedy key rings in Pomme and Framboise.

    And I decided long ago that I'd get my first multicolor (Petite Noe) when Hawaii has our first meet-up on 3/11. And get a new wallet.

    ...I'm not sure if I even covered it all. I think I've gotten like... six bags in under a month?

    I need to be reassured that this is normal, healthy behavior. :cry:

    Before tPF I was getting a bag or two a year. No accessories. I didn't even know they existed.
  2. ^ Wow! Congrats on all your purchases! I wish I were in your shoes! :p
  3. k, the one good thing I can say is that I have really broadened my horizons. Only two pieces of monogram on there, and one is luggage and the other is a LE item (Riveting). Miroir, denim, azur, Suhali, and MC are all new to me!
  4. I think I'm feeling guilty?

    I never feel guilty.

    This is odd.
  5. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: That's a very full list...I think it's normal to wish for all that, and lucky to actually have it all.
  6. Don't feel guilty! Or maybe you feel guilty because you might need the money? I don't know, what the heck, enjoy your bags! You have some gorgeous pieces!
  7. Yes buyers remorse sucks...but don't worry that goes away very fast. ;)
  8. I think I just want you guys to tell me I picked nice bags, have rounded out my collection, and.. um, give me a hug. Yes, more hugs. :shame:

    Goodnight girls! And boys!
  9. If having all those bags makes you truly happy then who are we to judge...
  10. congrats on your new bags! they are all fab pieces :yahoo:.
  11. hugs! I didn't mean to sound mean! I am sorry if I did, I just mwant like you might feel guilty for other things! You know how the works! But still it is perfectly normal to have some very HOT HOT bags! I wish I can buy teh bags you have!
  12. I think it's fine to indulge if it's not a strain on your finances :smile:

    I wish all TPFers well, so I hope no one is caving in to any 'peer pressure/ desire' to buy at the cost of your own well-being.
  13. Congrats on those fab pieces!! I wish I had $$, hehe, there are so many things on my list that i would love to get them all in ONE month!!!
  14. I think it's a little bit of retail therapy, to be honest. It sucks being away from my boyfriend and only seeing him once a month for a weekend. I think I'm buying bags to make myself happy.
  15. Welcome to LV forum!!! It's a phase many of us gone through when first joined hehe. It will get better trust me!