So I hit Coach AGAIN this week for the 3rd time!

  1. I just keep getting drawn to the Coach store! Tonight I bought a pair of white Sunnies for my daughter and the yellow flower coin purse for me. Last Saturday it was the Sig. denim small tote and wristlet and a cardigan and scarf. Sunday it was the medium denim tote and patchwork small wallet.

    Gotta keep using that 25% off discount.

    Now I kinda want the Ergo, so I may go to Scottsdale on Saturday.

    Whats a girl to do?
  2. Get the ergo!!! haha, sorry I'm not really helping.... I love the Denim totes!!
  3. The Ergo is so perfect for here in AZ. You'll be able to wear it all year round. What colour are you thinking about? Hehe, we should meet up for shopping. I'm in Scottsdale.
  4. I've been there 2 times already and I'm going back on Friday or Saturday! I didn't buy anything the 2nd time but really got to look without having my kids running all over the place! I'm hoping to order my Chocolate Carly on my next visit!
  5. ohhh i have dreams about scottsdale im so crazy jealous of u right now :sad:
  6. If you're looking at the Ergo, you should get it now...they'll be moving out back to JAX and then maybe to the outlets--but not for quite awhile from what we're hearing....

    I love the Ergo bags. They are so lightweight and go with everything year round!
  7. I always think the SA's are like "oh, here's THAT girl again" every time i walk into my nearest store. I know i'm just being silly.
  8. I'd die to go to the Scottsdale fashion store. I've never seen a fashion store... it's the holy grail to us Arkansas SA's... :drool:

    Trust me, girl, the SA's are NOT thinking that. We LOVE our repeat customers, they're like girlfriends, and so much fun to shop with!!!
  9. aww, thanks sarah!
  10. I have been to the Coach store at lot since lately mainly with exhanges. I started out wanting 3 things and finally ended up with three different things that I was not even considering in the first place. Now I am finally happy with my purchases. The Large Black Signature Carly will be the perfect bag for my trip to San Francisco. I even made sure that it will hold some magazines for the plane ride.
  11. Sighs, can you move your store here?
  12. Sounds like you've found alot of great things! I always think that the SAs are probably sick of seeing me during PCE time too... but I haven't been in much this time around!

    I say, go back & get the Ergo! The Fall bags all have a different look, so if you're like the summer styles - I would go ahead and get them with the discount. :yes:
  13. i wish i could drive then i would be the one going 3 times a week. my mom just doesnt like the mall scene so its a once a month kind of deal. :sad:
  14. Get the Ergo! Wow, you sure have been alot this past week!!
  15. Thinking of the blackleather or turquoise large one (or whatever size is the biggest, havent really looked) and I'm thinking of taking back the large denim tote and/or the yellow flower cp. Always fickle.