So I hear....

  1. Handbag sales pick up again at the end of May. Are you, your DH or SO , and most important your bank account ready:confused1:
  2. I know for me none of the above are ready. I've been buying purses since christmas and now they are suppose to get cheaper.
    Boy I'm in big trouble:yes:
  3. I don't need a sale to buy a bag. :smile:
  4. Uh oh!
    Well, I guess I have to get ready to shop! lol!:yahoo:
  5. My preferred bags NEVER go on the sales mean nothing to me....LOL Well, I guess I could pick up some other bags.....
  6. i'm a sucker for a bargain! i don't need to need anything... just the idea of paying less than full price is thrill enough for me... hee hee... i'm just wierd like that
  7. You are not alone:smile: The hunt for the bargains are also fun.
    Whats weird is preferring to pay full price when you can get a bargain:wtf:
  8. Oh well.. i guess not.. I'm still broke because of my purchases last December PLUS.. DH don't have a job plus coming baby on the way.. :sad: I want to cry.. Seriously...
  9. some people are just very particular with what they want and they have to have it right then and there...

    i'm not that picky at all!!! when i see a nice bag that's 50% off, i would most likely buy it and make it work... or if i see something i like, i wait and wait and wait until it goes on sale...

    that's how i justify my purchases to my husband.. "look it used to be $790... i bought it on sale for $350!!"

    my husband would say, "you're not saving money by buying all these stuff that you don't need only because its on sale..."

    ... some men just don't understand hee hee
  10. :lol: Thats so funny, thats exactly what my hubby says. When I say there's a sale he says "thats no sale it's a trick, just say no".
    He thinks anything that doesn't appreciate in value is a waste. Oh well no need to try to convince him, your right, he'll never understand:girlsigh:
  11. Not ready. I am in purse-ban :smile:
  12. Oh, I am sooo ready! I can't wait!:yahoo:
  13. My favorite bags are LV and sadly, they never go on sale. :s
  14. LOL. Sounds like you are married to my hubby's identical twin:rolleyes:
  15. I had no idea there was a slow time for bag sales. I've got two bags for sale on eBay now. Now how am I going to pay for the Balenciaga that I bought?:confused1: