So I have wanted this bag for a while but I dont know what its called

  1. okay so i dont own any Balenciaga bags but i love the way they look. as you can tell im usually a LV fan. But god these bags look so great and soft...there was one i liked a couple years ago and it was the motorcycle bag..idk thats what it said on their website.

    anyways....i realize a lot of them are different but look pretty close. im looking for one thats kinda like the ones Nichole Richie always wears...

    can any of you ladies help me out??? (possibly with tried looking through your pic library but a lot of ppl posted pics and didnt write what purse it is)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. please visit this lovely blog from lovely PF'ers :

    it's our b bag guidance :p
  3. or first???

    let me find a pic of one i like and i will post it on here and you guys can let me know which one it is.
  4. ;) Hi! I am a longtime LV gal myself, and just bought my first Balenciaga last August. Here are some pictures for ya. Good luck with your future Bal purchase!
    In the first photo (all from 2005) in the top row are 2 City's in Indigo and Bubblegum Pink, and at the bottom a Magenta Box, and Turquoise Twiggy. In the second photo they are all City styles with a 04 Eggplant, and all 05's Magenta, Bubblegum Pink, and Indigo. The third photo is a close up of my 05 Magenta City.
    IMG_6146.jpg IMG_6775.jpg IMG_6761.jpg
  5. I think Nicole Richie usualy carries Firsts - she has a yellow (fake?) one and a white one, among others...
  6. how big are the city bags?? they look pretty large(i love big bags though) are the firsts smaller than the city??
  7. you can check the measurements on all balenciaga motorcycle style in the blog i gave you :p

    and yes, the firsts are smaller than city
  8. If you like big bags, you most likely are NOT going to like the first. Do you have a store near you that carries them? I would start there trying on and looking to see what size you like best.
  9. no...i live in ct and the only one is in NY

    and how do you find the measurements on that site?? its not right next to the pics.
  10. OMG thanks...that was soooo much more helpful...i hadnt gotten to that section when i clicked the first link!!!
  11. welcome! most of the styles we crave are called motorcycle bags, so it just depends on the style name.

    you might have noticed that balenciaga only issues certain colors each season - black and white are continuous, though - which makes almost all bbags limited edition in someone's eyes. the atelier site (link posted above) has swatches from each season. and there are some purdy colors.

    p.s. - i :heart: the LV cherry blossom line! lucky you and your collection!
  12. lol. thanks sooo much. this has been a huge help. i really want a white or a black so i guess im all set. lol. the biggest bag i have right now is the LV monogram speedy 30. length wise the first is more comprable...but it looks soo small when i see it on ppl. do most ppl opt for the city??
  13. I am LV fan as well and my Damier Speedy 30 is my current favorite purse. The First is MUCH smaller, mostly because it is only 2 1/2" wide. I think the dimensions are misleading. I consider the First more of a 'fun' or evening type of bag, and the City is a day-to-day bag.
  14. thanks....i was even looking at pics or te i think the first one ill get is a city...the work looks soooo small on some ppl and then regular on others! ahhh its so much harder figuring it out than with LV lol. cause all these bags looks sooooo close plus you have to take ppls size into consideration. ahh!!!!!!! thanks soooo much guys! i really appreciate it!