So, I have this Gucci bag...

  1. That I bought in vegas exactly one year ago and I have never carried it!
    The bag is green leather with big gold G and white velour mushroom print on it. (maybe someone remembers it)
    I am torn between selling it or keeping it in my purse collection.
    Any ideas for selling or inspiration to carry it would be greatly appericated.:heart:
  2. I do remember it! If you think you'll never wear it then try selling it. You probably won't make much but its better than nothing. If you like it for any reason then you could either keep it just because you like it or try to use it/force yourself to carry it. Lol..
  3. I say sell it! That print and color will never come out again, so if that exclusiveness is something you admire, keep it... but if you want something that wears timelessly, sell it and get something else! I remember that bag.... not one of my favorites... Just my opinion... Good luck on whatever you do!
  4. what drew you to taht bag in the first place? my theory is fine sell it if you need the money, BUT obviously you loved the bag for SOME reason thats why you plopped down that cash right?

    It seems to me that youre just having trouble finding something to wear it with, if i were you id wear it with simple outfits, jeans and a white shirt....khaki skirt and white tank

    let the bag speak for it self, i am kind of upset that i havnt been collecting those WOAH pieces because if you live in a place like scottsdale your Chain hobo will not stand out at ALL (not matter how cute it is) but that little beauty will! :smile:
  5. Ya, I dont need the money. What drew me to that bag was that it had mushrooms on it and it was gucci.. I was like thats crazy... I have to have it! Its a huge bag though. I almost took it out in a white juicy tracksuit so ya you are right I am stumped on what to wear with it.. but thoes are good ideas luved.
    Thanks Jay! I am looking and will def keep you in mind.
  6. If you have good eBay rep, you'll get decent money. I saw two styles in that mushroom, the tote and the flap bag, which one you'd get??
  7. It is the flap. Most likley the more expensive one.