So...I have my putty Stam, but I'm not in love! What to do?

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  1. I got the putty stam off eBay and it arrived today.
    eBay: Authentic marc jacobs PUTTY STAM Handbag/'05 Collection (item 280051297276 end time Nov-22-06 23:48:41 PST)

    It's gorgeous, very clean and in fantastic condition....but...I don't think I'm in love with the color! :crybaby: From everyone's pics, I expected to be much lighter - the blue suede inside is to die for though. I'm wondering if I would love it more if I had gotten black. So, what do you girls think I should do? Put it back on eBay and buy a new black one or give it some time to grow on me? What were your initial reactions to the putty color? Thanks!!!
  2. Oh my god freckles. I saw this bag a while ago in the store and totally loved it but didnt buy it, and now i cant find one anywhere. I am so annoyed that i didnt just buy it when i saw it. I have now learnt that if i see something i love i will buy it.

    Its gorgeous :yahoo:
  3. It's really a personal perference when it comes to color and style. Just because an item is popular doesn't mean that everyone loves it. =) If it doesn't do it for you, re-sell it on ebay. Putty Stam is from Spring 2006, it's harder to find nowadays. Before making a decision, you might want to check out a Black Stam in real life for comparison.

  4. I suggest trying the bag with several outfits and different looks to see what you think. I had a putty Stam and found it to be surprisingly versatile and for me, it actually worked better with more things than the black Stam (I sold the putty to buy the black and regretted it). If it still feels "wrong" you should sell it and buy the black or maybe even one of the new spring 07 colors. Good luck with your decision!
  5. IF you don't love it, sell it. It can grow on you, but with a bag it should be true love. You should be able to get all your money back. It's a really hard to find color. I have one and I absolutely love it.
  6. It really is a gorgeous bag.. but if you're not happy with it, then resell it on ebay. It's authentic, so you should get your money back... I'd enjoy it in the meantime!
  7. Keep it only if you LOVE it, otherwise sell it and buy a bag you absolutely ADORE!!