So I have got to share a sad-ish moment...

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  1. of my day today.

    LV called to tell me that they have the Damier Azur Speedy 30 I am waitlisted for in - ready to collect. when I ordered it I told them that I wanted it for July but they said it is better to go on the waitlist straightaway and wait for the second time around.

    which is what I had to tell her - probably in August now. just couldn't justify getting it now before my defense/viva..... cause if I mess up there is no pressie to myself.... and, no cash around anyway.

    but still.... buhuhuhuhu :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. awe - i am sorry to hear that.
  3. Thats so sad - luckily it will be around, so you can get it later!
  4. Sorry you couldn't get your bag.
  5. Aw, that sucks! But at least you know it will be around again when you are ready to buy. I'm sure your defense will go great!
  6. Oh that is a bummer, but I agree with the others, at least it will be around later when you are ready for it. Good luck
  7. why dont u call the San Francisco store.......I saw a few there yesterday. Speak to Kelly and she can ship it to u
  8. i'm sure u will get the bag eventually, and when u get your bag u'll love it even more :yes:
  9. You will get this bag again at right time and you'll enjoy it a lot more. Let it go and cheer up :smile:
  10. you will love it so much more when you finally get it. i cant believe they are still hard to get hold of. my store had loads at the begining of the month.
  11. I'm so sorry but don't worry you will have this bag during the summer, august is not so far! good luck!
  12. I'm sorry...but at least it's not LE and you can get it later on!
  13. thanks a lot ladies! oh well, got over it.

    actually I am based in Europe, so I wont be able to get anything from US, as the bag will be far more expensive. and yeah, I know it is LE, so you are right, I will get it at some point. anyway, I am a big girl and have plenty of other purse toys, so should get back to my work now..... (:yucky:)
  14. This bag won't be hard to find later on, so don't worry!