So I have exciting news!!

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  1. So first, my Manhattan GM will be here today!!! EEEEEEEE!!! And second of all I am currently in the employment process with the Louis Vuitton Boutique in Scottsdale Fashion Square mall!! AND they will be opening a NEW LV boutique in the Biltmore in NOVEMBER!! Which is where, if I get hired, will be where I work...

    Come on guys...Mini-wave time...

  2. Congrats!
  3. OH WOW!! I would LOVE to work for LV.. it would be so much fun enabling all the rich ppl that come through the boutique!
    Congrats on the Manhattan and good luck with the job!
  4. I haven't gotten yet, but when I called and followed up with my resume they said the manager was looking at my resume and I looked really qualified. I have YEARS of sales and customer service under my fingers cross...I hope I don't spend what I make on new bags!! HAHA
  5. Oh Congrats .. that would be pure heaven handling the bags everyday.
    Also congrats on your impending Manhattan! :dothewave:
  6. Wow congrats on the new bag, and good luck with the job.
  7. Congrats on everything!
  8. WOW!! You got a great bag and a shot at a cool job! Best of luck and enjoy your GM your gonna love it!
  9. This is a quote from a friend that works for LV as a SA even under the old hennessy contract which pays about $18/hr. The pay sucks and she can't even afford anything there with her paycheck after rent and groceries. Seeing that you are just starting your pay will be much lower then that. So with all that experience you are better off getting a sales job at say a bergdorf where the SA's also make commission and can end up with 80k a year where as a SA at LV you will make like maybe 14/hr and that's it. Also if you don't hit quota for 3 months in a row you are laid off. Sad but true. Also wouldn't you rather own those purses then sell them? Just a little something for you to think about before getting too excited only because you stated you have so much sales experience. You will not be happy with the pay period. Like they say All Show and No GO. The fad will wear thin real soon when you have to serve those rich and spoil people that think you are beneath them. And yes that is how my friend feels and is actively looking for another job.
  10. You dont get laid off for not meeting a quota, the STORE has a quota, individual employees do not have a quota to themselves. It may be $20k in a month but not $5k per employee then you get laid off. not true.
  11. congrats on both!!
  12. Yeah! May all your LV dreams come true! Hope things go like you want them. BTW, love the Manhattan...she is a beauty!
  13. YAY!!!! I love grandparents used to live there. I miss it!
  14. yay, congrats! that's so exciting! is it hard to get a job with LV?
  15. Congrats on the impending purse and good luck with the job!! Working in a beand new store would be SOOOO much fun :smile: