So I have credit from coach... what to get!

  1. They called me about the hippie... they cant fix it. they gave me 400 back even though i got it during PCE :yahoo:what to get? something new and springy or summery.
  2. Katrynar:

    Get something from the Ergo Line. The patent Ergo Hobo in red is to die for! The Ergo totes are great as well or you can get a patchwork hobo or tote. I think these are all year round bags. If you purchase a Summery bag such as a straw bag you won't be able to wear it for long.
  3. Large Ergo Tote! It is a classic bag, I love the legacy stripe lining, plus it is so lightweight!
  4. cotton carly!
  5. i would be all over the new patent ergo.
  6. Something carly!
  7. Ergo Ergo Ergo. Well, possibly the Legacy slim tote in leather.
  8. Or ergo.
  9. I vote for the Carly!! I'm getting mine in black as soon as I can scrounge up 400 bucks. They're just soooo yummy looking!
  10. I really love my signature multistripe shoulder tote. It looks 10 times cuter IRL! Cant wait to see what you come up with!
  11. i agree, cotton carly in chocolate!!!
  12. I was thinking about the carly... probably in chocolate.. but somebody's on here is in khaki and chambray. are they coming out with those anymore?

    and i went in the store today and saw the book.. tey didnt have any red patent leather hobos :sad: i dont like the regular color ones
  13. You already have an ali or two right? ;)
    Soooo, I would say a good springy/summery bag. Of course, you do have your new scarf print hobo. Hmmmm... then probably ergo tote or carly would be my choices too.
    That's awesome that coach gave you 400!! They rock.
  14. i know it is awesome!! i think ur right i already have enough legacy.. well i dont have my hippie anymore :sad: but i have the slim flap! and i do have a ergo type bag already... carly it is!!! but which one? the medium or the small... anyone already have a small? how big is it
  15. i wanted to get a dalia sneaker to match the carly... but they have none anywhere near me in my size... and none at the distribution center :sad: