So I have been lusting over.....

  1. All of your gorgeous Hermes bags. I own some Chanels, Bbags, LV, Fendi Spy...but what I really wanted was an Hermes. Birkin would be at the top of my list but, :crybaby: that will have to wait. I did find my favorite everyday Hermes bag. I have three boys and I am always running to someone's game. I am chasing after them and lugging a bunch of stuff with me. I needed an easy comfortable bag for everyday. I saw one in crochetbella's avatar and fell in love......It is perfect for me for everyday and gorgeous...and most of my friends will have no idea it is Hermes...:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Here she is, my new Blue Jean Clemence Evelyne GM

    evelyne for pf1.jpg evelyne for pf2.jpg evelyne for pf.jpg
  2. You wear her well!!!! Congratulations!!!
  3. YAY!!! Congratulations -- she's beautiful!! :yahoo:
  4. it looks wonderful on you!
    a very useful bag for sure.
  5. She Sure is A GREAT LOOKING BAG!!!

    Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Is this bag convenient to get into and out of with your kids? What type of leather is it, and May I ask how much it was (ballpark??)? Are you worried about the holes, like maybe poking something sharp through it? B/c it is not lined, is that okay for you??

    Thanks in advance if you can answer some of these questions!
  6. Welcome to the dark side.... You're gonna like it here! That is a gorgeous bag! :heart: :heart:
  7. There is nothing like chasing children while wearing Hermes...
  8. I knew I could count on you for support. Thanks funnyredhead (I have a redheaded son...,the most gorgeous hair!!!), Hermesgroupie, HiHeels.

    Ms. are too funny. Thanks.

    NewHermesLover: I am not too concerned about the holes. I keep most of my things in other cases so there really is nothing there to poke through it. Lined definately would have made it a much heavier bag. This is a very light bag. I think it is easy to get in and out of but I really only recieved it today and was home with a sick child most of the day. I played with it a lot and my 7 1/2 year old loved taking the pictures of me with it to post!

    My husband was rolling his eyes when he saw me loading the pics on the computer. He could not believe how excited I was to share this!!! He is a good one but does not understand my obsessions!!
  9. Men do not understand but that is okay! It's a beauty for sure! And very 'practical' with such a family...You will smile everytime you look at it for sure! Welcome.....and congrats on your first....but probably not your last Hermes!
  10. Oh DEFINATELY not your last, Princess.....not with S'mom around! You wear the Evelyn very, very well indeed! She's a beauty on you! Enjoy her and may you have many, many happy years together!!!!!!!
  11. Gorgeous!

    Enjoy will have another!
  12. I am already looking at everyone's accessories. A wallet, perhaps. Something to give a little color inside? This is very bad!!!:sweatdrop:

    Hmmm I did just sell a bbag to a fellow pfer on ebay. I have a little more to spend :wlae: :graucho: .

    I am the only girl in a house full of BOYS (and that includes DH). What could be more girlie than Hermes?. Thanks for the support. I am in love. She is in bed with me and my laptop right now!!
  13. Beautiful Evelyn & you look fabulous!!! :yes: Thanks for sharing! :flowers:

  14. Thanks for the info Princessof H: Take her out for a spin and tell us how she is. I had a sick one today, too! Hope your little one feels better tomorrow!
    Take Care:heart:
  15. What a beautiful color, you look reaally fantastic! The proportion is perfect on you! Congratulations!