So I have an interview...

  1. tomorrow at 2 at the Coach store in SCP :yahoo:

    I am not very nervous about it though since I already sell Coach at Macys. My only question to those of you who already work there is, are you guys only hiring seasonals right now? I put part time down on the application but I have a feeling the position might be for seasonal. :crybaby:If so, what are the chances of being kept after the seasons over?

    Regardless, this lets me relax a little now because I had been waiting by the phone for awhile!:sweatdrop:
  2. Good luck! If you do a great job, maybe if the job is seasonal they'll keep you afterwards?
  3. My store is hiring permanents right now and seasonals, I personally started as seasonal last november as support and now i'm becoming the seasonal assistant manager!

    Coach is a great company, You already know the product and i'm sure you sell it well- definetly talk about that. Mention that you are looking for something permanent but would take seasonal (only if that's true)! If you prove your a strong asset to the team over holiday, I'm sure they will keep you if you don't already get hired in as permanent.
  4. That's great news then, because I know alot of places seem to axe everyone whos seasonal usually. Thanks for the info!

    I'll let you guys know how this goes down. This forum is so helpful sometimes, I love it!
  5. congrats on the interview.

    i remember my group interview (that was the only interview i got) at the flagship store, we had a lot of role playing as well as questions thrown at us to weed out the shy ones.

    i started out as a seasonal and was offered a job after the season. personally i like working as seasonal because i get a bag a week. but! i didn't get the holiday pay which sucked.

    either way, g'luck!
  6. Wow, good luck! I am also trying to make up my mind about applaying to Coach at the Beverly Center! I might decide to go on Thursday! Good luck!!! I wish all the best! Try to relax, eat a healthy meal, and just relax, and be you! You will do great!
  7. Congrats on the interview!! I am sure you'll do just fine, plus you do sell coach at macy's. Good Luck!
  8. Good luck at your interview! I've had an application at home for a couple months and I haven't made up my mind whether or not I want to submit it. The employee discount sounds great but that shouldn't be the only reason why anyone, including myself, applies there. I want to make sure it's something I really want to do!
  9. Congrats! Good luck!:flowers:
  10. Well the interview went pretty well! It was a group interview and consisted of me and two other girls. They mostly asked your basic interview questions and they said that I would get a call by Friday. :biggrin:
  11. I am glad it went well.
  12. Glad to hear things went well. Here's hoping you hear from them Friday - keep us posted!
  13. Don't worry, the Coach at SCP hires most people. As for seasonal, they do tend to hold onto a good amount of their employees. Congrats on the interview!
  14. Good luck!:wlae:
  15. That's good to hear! Still waiting on a call...they said today or tomorrow. Did you ever work at the Coach store in SCP?