So I have a Xray...

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  1. Well, I didnt know Im pregnant and I went for a chest xray.. will it harm my baby? ;/ Anyone?
  2. it might thats why they always ask if your pregant and put on that heavy lead vest over women when a xray is being done unless it's in a area that they can't cover in your case your chest. I would go see your ob/gyn asap
  3. I think that you should be fine. Although it is not advised to get an x-ray while pregnant, I believe that chest x-rays use a very low dose of radiation and pose minimal risk. Check with your doctor though to be sure!
  4. I would think it would be fine. Please don't stress about this. When I was pregnant and didn't know it, I was exposed to this very strong cream premethrin because one of the children I was caring for was exposed to scabies. My dr advised that I use this as a prevantative treatment and I didn't know I was pregnant and then reading about all of the side effects for pregnant women it cause me unneccessary worry. Please don't stress I bet everything will be ok !
  5. i just knew that 1 of my aunt was actually advise by the gyn to have xray when she's pregnant to determine the health of her baby. the baby is now a healthy, pretty & intelligent 18yrs old :yes:. take care & try not to worry :flowers:
  6. I had a pelvic x-ray, directly over my uterus, no lead blanket, when I was 5-6 weeks pregnant (the worst point, early in pregnancy). I'd taken two HPTs that week, both negative, before I had the x-ray, since we were trying. I was really distressed that I might have negatively affected the baby, and completely freaked out. I talked to my GP, my OB, a second OB, AND the radiologist, and did a ton of research about it, so I can respond with a fair degree of confidence on this. Obviously, it's not ideal, but everything should be fine.

    If you only had a couple of films taken with a normal x-ray, you are on safe ground. The limit at which radiation exposure to the fetus is harmful is 5 rads (5000 millirads). A normal x-ray generally has less than a few hundred millirads, so you'd only need to worry if you had a LOT of images taken. We get around 300-400 millirads of exposure just from the sun every year, so hopefully that helps put this in perspective.

    I asked to speak to the radiologist who did my films to confirm the amount I was exposed to and set my mind at ease; you could do the same, but it's highly, highly unlikely you were exposed to anywhere near the limit. If you had an MRI or CT scan, those doses are much higher and you should talk to the doctor. I had a really handy table that I found at the time, will keep looking to see if I can come up with it again. References I found say that a chest x-ray delivers under 100 millirads (so far I've seen 8 millirads and one says 60), so roughly 1/100 of the dangerous level.

    My OB/GYN also pointed out that years ago, they routinely x-rayed pregnant women to monitor the pregnancy, since they didn't have ultrasound. And everyone turned out fine.

    And just as final reassurance -- my baby is totally fine, no problems, no defects, a great, happy little guy. I hope this all helps. I totally remember how freaked out I was, and how much better I felt when I saw the stats.
  7. I don't think it's HUGE risk to baby as we xray patients if they are preggers if needs be.

    I love wearing them big heavy vests :roflmfao: btw I do NOT work in radiology I work in ED! I would talk to your gynae or midwife though!
  8. kimberf is totally right; the amount of radiation that's emitted from an x-ray is very little. And although you didn't say specifically, the lead shield is used to protect those vital organs. I wouldn't be worried. Just enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. (I'm an Int Med doc:smile:)