So... I have a bit of CL drama myself :-(


Apr 1, 2008
I ordered a pair of suede booties from NM. I was expecting the package to arrive on the 21st. I have been tracking them since they told me they were shipped out no additional info. Well I checked them today and they said they were delivered. I get home in the afternoon- no package.

I had requested signature required and they the fed ex invoice said no sig required. I called NM and they have it as sig required. No more in my size and I have to wait 9 days before I file a claim.

I am really upset! SOmeone STOLE my package!! I hate fed ex.. they never honor the sig required!!! I'm out my booties and my $$$$ :sad:(:sad::sad::sad:


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Jun 16, 2006
Washington, DC area
Oh no! I'm so sorry that happened to you. Any chance that a neighbor is holding the package for you? Have you had issues with packages before? I'm always worried when having things delivered because the drivers are rarely consistent! Again, so sorry.


Apr 1, 2008

I doubt a neighbor has them. During christmas I had a package stolen. After about a month I was able to get the item reissued. While it bothered me alot, it wasn't something so expensive.

The lady at NM seemed to say that when they file a claim I could prob get another pair or a credit. So I hope it works out that way.

Well lets hope they "miraculously" reappear.


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Jul 6, 2006
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That is ridiculous! I don't understand why it's so hard to get a signature, especially if the sender had signature required! I'm sorry for this drama, I know it must be frustrating :sad: I hope everything works out for you... there is tons of support at this forum at least!


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Sep 18, 2007
I'm so sorry to hear that, I'm with you!

And yea!! I heard alot about this FedEx dumping signature required packages at door steps! JEEZ, their compensation is free huh? Not as if those stuff aren't insured! Good luck!!
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
I had a $1000 painting shipped to me once with Signiture Required and I was checking fed ex to see what day I should take off after they tried to deliver so I could stay home and sign for it. Well, it suddenly popped up delivered and I clicked on the invoice and the Fed Ex person had forged my signature!! WTF! For one thing, that's illegal!! So I ran home and my painting was lying against the garage.

They always also leave things against the garage door so that in the winters when we get home in the dark my husband can't see them and he automatically opens the garage door and runs over the packages. That happened with two Christmas gifts people sent up last year. Luckily both were from Amazon and they sent new ones right away.

Yet somehow USPS and UPS can actually walk up to our front door and leave the package, or leave notices that they will redeliver the next day.

I hate FedEx. I have never, never had a good experience with them.


Jul 11, 2006
I think it is a Neiman Marcus thing. I have had something stolen that I requested signature required and they said it was, but it wasn't. Their shipping dept. sucks. They will credit your credit card, give you a credit, or reissue the item if they have it, whatever you want. They file a claim immediately, you don't have to wait.


May 26, 2007
Good luck. I would keep on NM to rectify the situation. I agree w/ the sentiments about Fed Ex. Some of the drivers are such idiots and to put it simply, shady. My best friend's husband works at Fed Ex and I have complained to him and he has asked me to find out who the drivers are so the proper action is taken. I have had problems w/ the drivers from leaving things that need a signature outside to just throwing the packages on the steps.

NM and Saks do not require signatures on all of their packages, which is ridiculous considering the value of some of the items. I have had a nearly 3K Chanel bag left outside because Saks didn't require a signature on it. However, LV in Saks requires one.

I hope you get everything resolved. I would just be persistent in getting a refund or a merchandise credit and even better, a discount on a future item since the boots are no longer in stock!