So I had a little trip to Harrods today

  1. yes it is a very expensive habit but I really think my frenzied collecting habit is coming to an end.
    I have my eye on a prada and possibly a wallet and that is it!! I have enough bags to enjoy!

    no :sad: oak did nothing for me...... so don't think oak printed would work either. seems like I can't do oak in a small bag!:p

  2. ...famous last words!!! :lolots:
  3. hahahaha but I like actually using my bags and any more means some will sit all alone and sad!!

    Plus I made a serious promise to DH re ONE MORE BAG.

    And with another house purchase a possibility next year.....although I dread being in a chain now. the last time was so easy!

    I didn't say anything about SLGs though! hahahaha
  4. You big tease! Fab reveal x
  5. What a lovely new bag! I clicked on your blog link, CPrincess. I can't believe there is another female academic out there obsessed with handbags and stationery! I subscribe to all the stationery blogs you do! Here's to not doing anything by halves ....
  6. Loved this reveal kept me in suspense all the way.;)
  7. :p thank you!
    Cheers to you too! I am a bit of an odd one out for academia for loving fashion. Do you have a blog? Filofaxes were my addiction before I branched out to handbags.
    Hehe! :smile:
  8. I did try a blog for a couple of months but I think I'm better just sticking to my pen and paper style journal! I keep being tempted by filofaxing and do have one but I'll never take it around with me. Prefer pocket diaries that I can slide easily into any bag!
  9. Well done CP and congrats on your new worthy LV rewards. They are have been on my hitlst for ages. I can't get both, I'm dithering over which I need most.
  10. Well Neverfull is more practical so Neverfull first?
  11. Another lovely 2 LV's, well done. I have been tempted by the NF several times but the narrow straps are holding me back. Eva is gorgeous too. I love my Evora and Palermo, they are large and lightweight and very durable.
    I feel the same about the black forest, it did not blow me away, I would have loved it in cassis or burgundy and not in soft matte leather. I wasn't impressed with printed Lexie either. I really wanted the flame bays, but another bag crossed my path lol.
  12. Thanks!
    Oooh which bag is that? Mulberry or non mulberry? I loved petrol Daria :smile:
  13. CP hun - just found my way back from LV - all this zebedeeing around is thoroughly exhausting - but congrats AGAIN!!!!! (hehe!)...:graucho::giggles::sweatdrop:
  14. ahahahahahaha!!! :roflmfao:
    you need to stay where you belong!On Mulberry!:p
  15. ...I think you are right.....loonies like me need to stay in their comfort zone!!!!!!:giggles::cray: