so i guess life does resemble art

  1. so this week watching gossip girl kelly rutherford's character was wearing a birkin. super excited.

    then i just read in a magazine that she had a baby last year that she named Hermes.

    wonder who's idea the birkin was. lol

    sorry if this is only news to me.
  2. who is kelly rutherford?

    Is she a sort of chat show host?

    from neishy
    in Blighty

  3. I love that show. don't laugh at me but I do.

    I saw that birkin. it was fab.

    she has been carrying a black box Kelly too.

    hey Hermes, how are ya? good and you?
  4. she's an actress. she's currently on gossip girl.
  5. i watch that show solely because of her H goodies every week.
  6. I'm sucked in to the show as well! Seems funny but it's cute with cool fashion...and there in the Stars and Hermes thread...there are a couple of pics of her and it's mentioned about her son being named Hermes (different!) and that she possibly is carrying her own couple of H bags in the show...I liked her from her old Melrose Place days! (am I dating myself now?)
  7. ^^I've read the Gossip Girl books and that's why I watch the show-- and her H goodies are great!
  8. I think I will check this show out. Is it a comedy, drama, ???
  9. I saw her at NM BH w/ her little boy carrying a Birkin...shoe
  10. where else? lmao.

    lulilu it's sort of like the oc but in nyc. basically sex in the city with hs students.
  11. ^^Well, I loved SITC, so it sounds good -- even if it's just for the clothes/bags.