So I got the Violette sunset clutch...

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  1. .. and I can't help feeling like I waisted so much money :nuts: it's a great looking color but $800 for a clutch??? Can someone justify the purchase? Or should I return it? I mean I can almost buy a couch for that much.
  2. LV has its own justifications in beauty and craftmanship. And that's a gorgeous handbag that you've gotten. But if you're having second thoughts perhaps you should get a smaller vernis piece in the same color for a little less or a bag that you can use every day. I know that many TPFers look at how many times they're likely to use a bag and then divide the cost of the bag - so 1 time a week over a year for a $1000 bag is about $21/use. You shouldn't feel bad or stressed out over any handbag purchase.
  3. :coolpics: Pics pics pics!!
  4. If you like it and can afford it I would say keep it!!! don't forget to post pics ;)
  5. (I asked for pics as I love it and I think it worths the money! :yes:)
  6. It is a really cute clutch, very classy! If you like, then keep it! But if you decide not to, you could get a bigger handbag, like a speedy, etc.! Indulge yourself!
  7. oo i dont know what that is, pics??
  8. If you're going to use it a lot, then the price is not that bad ... but if you do not feel comfortable with it, then I say return it.
  9. ^^ I agree. Since it has credit cards slots you could use it as a wallet in your other bags. I think it is a beautiful bag.
  10. IMPO I wouldn't have bought it, I think that is too much money.

    BUT if you love it, and are going to use the hell out of it, then I say keep it and love it!

    But if you NEED other things, or really really feel guilty, then I say return it and get some money back and maybe buy a new small accessory??
  11. Hmm, well, I haven't seen what it looks like yet, but Violette is GORGEOUS.
  12. If your unsure about it then maybe it wasn't the right choice but I would love to see the color!
  13. I have one in amarante and use it alot- dinners, going out, even shopping trips if I don't feel like carrying much. Plus like someone said if you remove the straps it can be used like a wallet.

    If you carry larger bags more often though then I'd say exchange it for something else.
  14. CONGRATS!!
  15. I think it's a great colour for the sunset clutch and it's one of the most useful bags you'll get of that size. Enjoy it and you'll see how it's worth the cash!:tup: