So I got the other wristlet today...

  1. :heart:So I listened to everyones advice and got this wristlet today to lol... I AM REALLY BAD!! haha:love:



  2. so cute.. and I am proud of you :lol:
  3. but its just so cute!!!! Looks like your pretty nails match! It was meant to be!!!!....;):yes:
  4. That is so adorable!!! Congrats!!!
  5. i LOVE it!!!
  6. Very pretty!!! You are sooooooooo bad!!!!! :yes::graucho:
  7. I lusted over that one HARD when I was in the store, but stayed strong and walked out without it. Now I wish I would've given in...

    It is so adorable - and cute nails, BTW!!!
  8. '

    thank you
  9. Super adorable CoachGirl84... nice touch for V-day!
  10. Great is really cute!!
  11. Cute! I will say that the satin wristlets show shoe dirt easily so be careful with her.
  12. So you have both now, right? I think you made the right decision!! :tup:

  13. lol yep I was bad and I have both now
  14. Good girl! :tup::angel:
  15. It is very cute!! I had to will myself away from it the other day!