So, I got the Miu Miu bow satchel...

  1. ...but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it. The bag is really cute but I feel like it looks too big on me. I asked one of my friends and she said it looked way too big on me, but then my mom said it looked fine. What do you think? Maybe it's just that I'm not used to big bags since most of my handbags are fairly small.

  2. I think it depends on what YOU think - if you think it's too big, then return it and get a smaller bag. It is large - but it also looks like you have it stuffed with tissue in the pictures - I think it will slouch more and not look as massive if you have what you would normally carry in there...
  3. Gosh I love this bag!

    It does look like you've got it stuffed with the tissue... take out all the stuffing, put *your* usual purse items in it and then let's see a pic... I think it's going to shrink down about 40% or so and you will love the way it looks. I had this bag and when I put my stuff in it it was very flat and laid nicely as opposed to all the stuffing.

    So, let's see another pic. It's a gorgeous bag!! :flowers:
  4. Thanks for your input :smile: Here's a couple pics of it w/o the tissue paper (ignore my messy dorm room in the background, lol)


  5. i think the size looks just right for you! anyway, big bags are so HOT right now!!!
  6. I think it looks great. If you don't feel comfortable, then return it and get something else. If its just that your friend made you think about the size when you hadn't thought of it before, ignore her and keep it!
  7. i think you got the large instead of the small...if you think its too big then the small might be a good size for you altho ive been reading that its sold out.

    i think big bags are cute but i personally find the big a little too big! that said, it looks great on you! but only keep it if ur not bothered by it tho!
  8. I think it looks great! I love, love, love mine.
  9. I was supposed to get the small, but maybe Saks accidently sent me the large size instead? The dimensions are about 14"x10"x6.5". Does anyone know if that's the large or the small size?
  10. IMO it's just the right size for you!! I think it looks gorgeous, and I personally think this is a bag that's kinda hard to pull off - it's very feminine, but still kinda edgy.

    It's a big bag, but not BIG in the way that screams big-bag-trend. I can definately still see you carrying this in a year!!

    Of course you need to go with your own instincts, but I think you should keep it!! You rock it!
  11. I love this bag and I think it looks great on you, but only keep it if you feel comfortable with the size, otherwise you won't use it much.
  12. LOL, I just came to read all the comments, and it seems like everyone are focusing on what YOU think, apart from me, who's all like "I, me, IMO, I and me!!"

    Sorry, I just had to mention it:roflmfao: I'm not really this egosentric!!
  13. i think it looks great and doesn't overwhelm you at all! but as with everyone else, it's really up to you.
    great bag!
  14. I just measured my small, and it's about 12 by 9.5 inches--so I guess you have the larger one.

    I really don't think it looks too big on you, but ultimately, it's your bag, and it has to make you happy. Fill it up and carry it around the house, and look in the mirror a few times to see how it looks. If you think you'll regret it if you return the bag, perhaps it's a keeper.
  15. I agree: don't keep it if you are not SURE about it. It's supposed to be a everyday bag, but if you have any doubt, it isn't worth the money.