So I got the Medium Signature Carly Yesterday...

  1. I got it from a store near me so they shipped it out and I recieved it one day later! I figured I needed to see these babies from up close.

    Well first off I LOVE it, it's ADORABLE. The Khaki and Saddle go FAB together.

    But, I was looking at it on the website that made me decide to get it and I must say... 15 (L) x 9 1/2 (H) x 5 (W) ??? Bull****! I measured it myself and what I got was 10 (L) x 9(H) x 5 (W) I mean even at the top the bag is barely 12" long. :shrugs: So I emailed Coach about it and they said they were going to send my email to the proper people. I certainly hope they change it. 15" is a HUGE difference then 10". Even the "Try it on" image is wrong. This should be a Carly Small at the LEAST.

    But all the *****ing I do LOVE it, it holds everything I carry daily AND the saddle almost matches my hair! :roflmfao:
    I swear the Large Carly looks GINORMOUS in the pics I've seen too, they really should make a good inbetween bag. ;)
  2. Would love to see it!

    So, what are you going to do with your Chocolate Carly? They're both beautiful bags...
  3. what's the model # of the one you got?
    I have been looking @ carly's to (on eBay) and there are big discrepancies in the sizes.. I wonder if they made a "small" carly?
  4. o0o, lets see some pics please. :happydance:
  5. It's the Medium Carly on the website, I forget the item number but it's the 350 dollar one. ;P

    I'll take pics tonight and show what it can hold and everything.

    It HAS to be the same bag, the other 2 dimentions are the same, it's just 10" long and not 15". that's a BIG difference.
  6. ^^ i think that's a small one ^^

    the shape gives it away
  7. eBay is blocked at my work. =\ What sizes are they giving? If it's similar to what I just measured then they might be going with that. Wish I could see it!
  8. MAybe can you girls measure your mediums for me to make sure they didn't send me a small one by mistake? :huh: Now I'm wondering lol!
  9. Congrats on your purchase. I love the saddle/the khaki.
  10. From what I'm hearing about the demi (mine is on its way today but of course is taking forever and will come once I leave the house), but the demi measures something like 10 inches long, 5 in height...but from what I'm hearing from people who actually have it, it's more like 9 3/4 in length and 4 1/2 in height.

    The description for the demi, when I look on my order form--is Carly small. So just giving you a heads up there in case you were curious. When I get it today I'll post the exact measurments for you.
  11. Well the height is about 9". I'm positive this is the Carly Medium, the other 2 sizes are almost dead on, but the length is apparently the size of the demi? Weird!
  12. Congrats! I can't wait to see pics!
  13. The small is just a pouch style - it has a leather handle with no harware in the middle and no segmented shoulder strap. You would not mistake the small (pouch) for the meduim - it is really small.
  14. Finally! Someone confirmed what I was thinking. I’ve looked at the difference between the "medium" and the large at least three times and the medium looks so small to me in person. There’s only a $50 difference between the two and I figured if I was going to spend that much I’d at least wait and get the Large. I don’t even think it would fit comfortably under my arm (the medium that is). But…I don’t want to put a damper on your purchase (hopefully I haven’t), so CONGRATS! :biggrin: