So i got the khaki/chambray carly... why do i have to be so picky!?!?!

  1. I got it today! it is to die for!!! but soooo not me!! :sad: its so pretty.. but for some reason i m not in love with it.. i LIKE it, but that's about it. Here's pics!! Maybe the new stuff that came out today spoiled it for me :sad:




    theres my legacy slim flap in the back!

    i dont know what to get!!!:sad: i m so picky!!
  2. Just hang on to it. There may be something that totally hits your eye tomorrow with the new floorset. ;)
  3. Awwww! :sad: I'm more of a fan of the khaki/saddle myself but maybe you should think about a big sig stripe tote or something. Check out the new floorset tomorrow, you'll find something you love!
  4. wow, others are saying you should go maybe decide on something later but i think you should keep it. it looks great. but don't just settle on my opinion....your "not in so love" state probably means you should look for a different bag. good luck
  5. I have that exact problem..too picky, I had to return my slim flap today and two more decisions to go..and it feels sad for I wanted to keep it. cannot even wear any of the good stuff because of weight. always thinking so it hurts... so what... it is pretty. I think it just may be a big bag. I know some big bags like the ergo hobo were light for me but I felt they were just not me also. We all have to figure out unemotionally what style we like and live with our own decisions. I find I have to wait a week or two at home and let that bag either grow on me or return it. If we order from the catalog, we have to see it on us and put our things in it. Why not keep it a bit, you may grow to love it. You can always return it Wish I could even wear is pretty...
  6. I'm sorry! Geez, and all you've been through with that bag!! If you don't love it, it's definitely not worth keeping. And to be honest, I agree that it really doesn't look like "you" in that pic of you wearing it. Thank goodness Coach has great customer service. I hope you can find something you LoVe, LoVe, LoVe!!
  7. I know :sad: it looked so great on kallison... but since i m soo short and wear flats all the time, it looks HUGE! and my laptop fits in it, but its hard to get it out once it is in!! lol

    i saw the new floorset! they had it up already at columbus circle but the only things i really loved was the denim and chocolate slim flaps!! i already have a slim flap though... gotta love those turnlocks!! i think i m going to have to return it, and i m going to hold on to the credit for the next time i go to the outlet, or for when new stuff comes out :sad:
  8. aww bummer im sorry you dont love it but i agree wait till you see the new stuff tomorrow and maybe something will jump out @ you and you can exchange it right up! :smile:
  9. so is that the large like $428 size? or,,,
  10. i did see the new stuff.. love the denim and chocolate.. if they had the slim flap, but bigger, i woudl get it. the carly is just too big for me, and the regular doesnt fit my laptop :sad: maybe i should just get a hamptons bag
  11. no it was 398.. the signature is cheaper than the leather
  12. i am SO shocked you don't like it! weird because that was the bag i HAD to have!

    but,'s only $398. keep it! :yes:

    do you have the slim tote yet? i just bought that one and it's gorgeous!
  13. i know.. i think the slouchiness is the deal braker.. i like structured bags that dont collapse as much when they fall down.. it looks soooo good on you, but it doesnt look "me"

    i was looking at the slim tote! it is gorgeous, the only color i would want to get it in is white, and white+legacy+me=bad luck :sad:

    honestly if i kept it, it would just be to look at it
  14. The slim tote is in pebbled leather which will most likely wear better. I hear that the pebbled leather in white is very resilient. Wait and see the new floorset and then you can make your decision. I myself am getting the Ergo Patent Hobo in red. That bag is to die for.
  15. It looks gorgeous on you!!! I don't like that color combination on me, it really does look great on you.