So I got the Dr. Groovee today...

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  1. It's a nice bag. I love the pleats on the front and the double handles are substantial and comfortable. The leather is really nice and seems sturdy. The bag is STUFFED full so it looks huge, but for those looking for a bag that can carry a lot, it's a good reference. :smile:

    I wish that the 'long' strap was actually LONG. I guess I thought it would allow the bag to come down to my hip or something but it is much shorter than I thought. I'm sure it'd be longer on thinner girls or those shorter than 5'5", but it's too short for I'll be returning it. :Push:

    I sort of figured I would return it so please keep your fingers crossed that the Huge Hillier Hobo works for me! :love:

    I've attached two pictures just in case anyone wanted to see it! :yes:

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  2. really - you thought the longer strap was too short? I think it's too long -- I'm using my Mouse Groovee and love the bag -- my only complaint is that I don't usually zip my bag and when you carry this bag on your arm its fine, but if you use the shoulder strap, it doesn't stay closed -- I usually have to hold it with my arm or zip it.

    Otherwise, I LOVE this bag -- it carries wonderfully and when it's full it actually takes on another shape! It's too bad it didn't work for you -- it's a great bag
  3. oh! i love it! Are you seriously returning it ?
  4. It's too short for what I wanted. :yes: I have a work bag that is right under my arm, so I thought a long-strap bag would fall below that when I carry both (does that make sense?).

    lol, I am pretty sure. It's a great bag, but I'm really, really, really trying to be more choosy when it comes to bags. ;)
  5. does it have gold or silver hardware? i know what you mean though ... i have SO many bags (even ones ive bought recently) that im not using ... my boyfriend even said 'if you didnt have so many you would use them all!'
  6. I wonder if they've changed the strap length (I think mine is from f/w altho it could be resort - is yours a s/s bag?) -- I just tried my bag, and when I use the shoulder strap, the bag sits right on my hip (I can actually stick my hip out and rest the bag on it) -- I'm shorter (5' 1"), but I don't think it would make that big of a difference
  7. This one has gold (didn't you say you'd be all over it if it had gold hardware? hehehehe)...I actually prefer silver. lol.

    It's M381104 - I have no idea what that means for MbyMJ though. lol I assume it's Spring 08? Hmmm 4" in height *could* make a difference, and I'm plus-size so that probably doesn't help! ;)
  8. OMG! Its gold hardware?!! How much was it?
  9. It was $498 + shipping. No tax b/c I ordered it from Bergdorf Goodman. :smile:
  10. trust me, I'm no "skinny minnie" either!!!! LOL

    if yours is gold hardware, then its S/S -- mine is Mouse w/silver (nickel) hardware. I got it from the MbyMJ boutique before all the spring bags came out -- it's either Resort or F/W. It could be that the straps on now a little shorter.
  11. Mouse grey was from Resort 2007. Dawn's bag is from Spring 2008. I don't think the numbers mean anything, for MbMJ at least! The straps may have changed in length? I'm not too sure.

    I hope the Hillier Hobo works out for you!!
  12. Thanks so much. It should be here Friday!
  13. yeah I liked the Grovee in pictures better than in person. The Hillier I liked MUCH better in person. I think you made the right choice! :smile:
  14. Dawn I probably missed it somewhere, but was this the bag you were deciding on versus the Miu Miu Bow bag? I'd say I'm sorry that it didn't work out, but you don't seem too disappointed (I hope not!) As I've stated before, I am a hobo whore. I love Hillier hobo, so I hope that's perfect for you!

  15. LOLOL. I am a hobo hoor too. ;) I'm not disappointed that it didn't work, mostly because now I know for sure. I've seen modeling shots of the Huge Hillier Hobo and it seems to fit my wants/needs. My fingers are crossed!!! Thanks!!!!