So I got my Mandarin Alma ....

  1. And its not for me! Don't get me wrong - its a gorgeous bag but I think its too structured and ladylike for me if that makes sense!! Back to the drawing board, lol!
  2. I love Moka one LT has in their site..I can't get any bag because I am banned.
  3. I used my monogram Alma today, yes it is very ladylike.
    I am hot for a Mandarin colour at the moment, and I better decide fast . . .I am looking for an over the shoulder, possibly Croisette . . .
    good luck
  4. :sad: Sorry the shape is not for you, if you still like mandarin color maybe you can search for Petit Noe or bucket, I really love my Mandarin Soufflot, I can use it as shoulder bag as well, dress it up or down.

    I hope you can find the one you like:yes:
  5. Sorry it didn't work out! You never know unless you try, right? :smile: I love the soufflot too -- such a unique shape!
  6. I hope you find a mandarine bag in a shape you like soon. That color is becoming hard to find. I have a mandarine Jasmin and I really LOVE it. However, you may not like that shape too because it's ladylike as well. Let us know what you find.
  7. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. I am not a fan of the Alma but I know a lot of girls are. The mandarin is a cute color though!
  8. Sorry it is not for you. Good luck and let us know what you get.
  9. The color is hot!!
  10. I love the mandarin.
  11. That's too bad, I know that's disappointing, when you are exited and waiting and that it arrrives and you feel like....oh :s

    You'll find the right one for you!
  12. Lori, I am sorry to hear that.:sad: What are you getting to replace the alma?
  13. How disappointing. Hope you find a bag that suits you more! :smile:
  14. Sorry it didn't work out. I hope you're able to find something you love instead.
  15. That's too bad, maybe another mandarin bag? I just love that color.