So I got my Fendi Fortuny Spy...

  1. So I received my Fendi Fortuny Spy today and I was disappointed:tdown:

    In the listing on eBay it clearly said that the handbag was "only used twice and in brand new condition". Well the very first thing that I noticed was that the bag was just kind of thrown into a box, NOT even in the dustbag (it was INSIDE the bag!), and with no stuffing at all. The second thing that I noticed was that the secret change compartment was BENT!!! Well for me that is hardly "brand new" and how is someone even able to do that? I didn't think it was possible!:wtf:

    Aside from that I noticed some scratches on the fortuny leather and also the leather looks a little wrinkly...When I saw pictures of some of the other tpf girls' Fortunys the leather looked perfect and smooth. I don't know if it was because it wasn't stuffed when it was stored or if the leather is supposed to be like that. Also there is some wear from rubbing on the edges of the bag (when it is open, with the front compartment flap out of the way). Also around the front flap compartment on the leather (near where the mouth shaped leather piece is) there is also sign of wear from rubbing and some scratches. On one side of the bag the Fortuny leather looks ok but on the other side it looks like there is some wear.

    This is my first time buying something from eBay and I usually always buy my handbags from the boutiques. For me I thought that it was really bad and I had actually requested a refund from the seller.

    I thought about maybe purchasing a spy from, or because it seems like quite a few of the girls here have bought from them. I was thinking about getting a Metallic Spy (Silver or Gold) instead. However, I have also heard stories that some people have gotten fake handbags on these websites!:wtf: Unfortunetly they do not have the Spy that I would like to buy at or

    What do you ladies think I should do? In my opinion the condition of this spy is definetly not the best and I definetly think that the item was misrepresented (she did not metion ANYTHING about the compartment being bent!) but i'm kind of torn because at the same time I love the color. I have been looking for a spy for a long time and I really truely love this color but is it even worth getting it fixed? Or even worth it because of the shape the bag is in? (I already paid $1400 for this bag). Should I just wait for another color to come out?

    What do you ladies think?​
  2. P - I have a Fortuny spy also. The wrinkles happen, it is a normal process it seems IMO. Also where the stitches pierce the bag exterior, it is normal for there to be minor splits that show the turquoise (otherwise you could not put stiches in it, the laser grooving just splits). It is actually rather pretty to see the turquoise peak thru. I did not see anything major off, maybe I'm missing something, with the exterior leather. Stuffing the bag while storing it is a good idea.

    On the other hand, I feel not mentioning the bent spy compartment is super bad for a seller, that should have been disclosed. :wtf:

    You may be able to "gently" push the spy rim back into place...don't man handle it just "work it".
  3. I was going to suggest trying to push the rim back might work! I'm really sorry it was not as you expected. As I mentioned before I had also made an offer on this bag but was very uncomfortable with the seller's attitude and replies to my emails. I was desperate for the bag so I made an offer anyway, but if I wasn't that desperate I would have never bid. I kind of feel glad I didn't end up winning it, but I remember thinking to myself that if I felt more comfortable with the seller and her pics (like if baglady was selling hers) my best offer would have been VERY high. So are you planning on returning it or keeping it?
  4. I'm so sorry that happened to you. IMHO - I would return it. The item was misrepresented as in new condition. Based on your pictures, this is obviously NOT the case. I cannot believe the seller didn't see or disclose it. :cursing:

    What did the seller say when you mentioned the flaws? If you paid with your credit card, you can dispute the charge.
  5. pro-shopper - sorry to hear that ur fortuny spy was not in a good condition. :sad: i would definitely return it!
  6. I was a little uncomfortable with the sellers answers too to be quite honnest she was kind of vague, but then I asked her several timee if the bag was in brand new condition and she said yes! I was quite desperate for this bag too, since it was the only spy color that I really truely loved...

    but I do not think that gently pushing the compartment into place would work....
    THE PICTURE I had posted was the spy compartment "CLOSED"! I just couldn't believe someone would misrepresent something like that! personally I would not have tried to sell this bag without telling the buyer about such a major problem.

    I'm pretty sure that I am going to return it because i'm not happy with it...I would much rather pay more for a bag that i'm happy with!
  7. ^Good for you! I'm so sorry to hear about that and I hope you get your refund quick. May I ask which listing it was? Only cos I know there was one listed by a menber that has been relisted a million times.
  8. Yes, it was by eBay member "mags1015", was this the one that has been relisted a million times?

    Oh BTW she sent me an email back saying that she would refund me $1375 because of the trouble this auction caused her! I sent back an email saying that I wanted the full $1400 because she misrepresented it! I know its $25 but STILL, i'm very positive that she knew about the problem and just did not mention it because she wanted to get the bag sold!
  9. Yes that was the one I was thinking of:

    And yes, she has misrepresented it. I made a comment about it in response to a post in the Authentic deals on Fendi thread. Other members also commented on it and it's original starting price was $2400. Have a read cos other members were talking about price and fortuny value. FYI the seller is a member on this forum (Mags23) but not an active one (last activity 12th Sept).

    And yes you should be getting the full amount back in my opinion. As for whether I would pursue it, wait for other opinions. I'm just scared that if I pushed a seller they might turn around and say deal's off. But I don't think that it would be a problem in my opinion as (imo) I see it as an admission on the seller's part if she is offering you a refund (though not a full one) because you said it was misrepresented. All the best and keep us updated. :smile:
  10. Kav- I remember you're first impression of her listing on the deals thread, you were right! Her being a tpf member soothed my fears for a bit but not for long. I'm glad she offered to refund 1375$, even if you don't get the whole amount that's the large chunk. Hope you get all of it though. I'm sure you and I will find a fortuny in good condition out time I might not let you win!:p
  11. Yeah after thinking about it I would definitely accept the $1375 just in case she changes her mind. It's a shame and I understand why one would go after the full amount but I think you better play it safe imo.
  12. Thank you for the advice! Yea, I know its just a shame...I think this whole experience has totally turned me away from now i'm thinking about the bimetal spy from color do you think? Gold/silver or Silver/gold...its so hard to decide!
    I have looked at some many pictures but they always look different (lighting i guess) but I might be leaning more towards silver/gold...Have you seen these ones before?

    I also found a white spy for a good deal but I think its a little too plain.
  13. ^Just be careful with Diabro. I have heard mostly good things but a member bought a fake spy recently. Though it was the only case that I've heard of, it's enough for me to not buy from them. Baglady had screenshots of the fake bag which was promptly removed from the site as well.

  14. :wtf: so sells fake bags...omg its not safe i'm hesitating
  15. ^I don't know. I haven't purchased from them. Do a search of the forum. There was a recent case that would be enough to scare me away from them. From what I know many members have bought authentic bags from them.