so i got my egc bag from saks, but...

  1. i purchased a black caviar jumbo flap from the chanel store a few weeks back, and my mom absolutely loved it, so i decided to buy her one as well with g/h during the Saks EGC event. after waiting for a week and a mailroom mix-up, i finally got the bag today.

    however...the bag is not in the best shape. the sides are puffed out as if it's been used before, there is no price tag anywhere (not even in the pockets), and the caviar is not the same as the one i purchased from the chanel boutique. all in all, the quality is definitely lower than the one that i am currently using. i'm fairly certain this was a display bag. there is a Saks right down the street from me (but they don't sell chanel). would they be able to help? suggestions?
  2. you should be able to return it at your local Saks even if they don't carry chanel. i did this at saks in san francisco, which does not carry chanel either. definitely you must return, don't settle and always expect your bags to come in pristine/perfect condition. best of luck.
  3. yeah, if there is not tag, I believe it was either a display or a return (which gets me even more upset). You should be able to call the store and tell them that you are unhappy with it because it is ridiculous that they didn't give you a brand new one ESPECIALLY with tags. They should exchange it for you (call them first and see via mail or via your nearest Saks location). As long as you have the receipt, I don't think it should be a problem. Good luck!
  4. Good Morning,

    I apologize for both the inconvenience and aggravation I am sure this caused. Our store will be happy to assist you and if I may be of any further service, please feel free to contact me directly and I am very sorry.

    Russel Karbley
    Sr. Coordinator, Saks Direct Customer Service
    Saks Fifth Avenue
    500 Hickory Drive
    Aberdeen, MD 21001
    T 410 297 4406
    F 410 297 5599
    Toll Free: 888 327 3313
  5. I had the same experience. I got my EGC bag from NY Saks last Thursday. No price tag attached, not in the bag or package either , only with a gift receipt, I heard the orginal receipt will be mailed separately with EGC though. But, I haven't got them yet. The bag is not in good shape, either. I saw the sign of wear and scratch on the inner side of the bag. The SA said it was a reissue 225 size, it looks like a hybrid in medium/large size to me. Anyway, I will return it to local saks. I'm so disappointed.