so i got my 2005 Tourqoise City and...

  1. it's so much darker than what i thought i would be.

    i posted this on authenticate
    it was confirmed authentic and all

    but i received it and the bag is much darker.

    is anyone elses like that? is this normal?

    im assuming at the moment the camera catched the bag with flash. but whenever i see calebs with it or other tourqoise bags on TPF it is much lighter looking.

    help please
  2. Can you post a picture of the bag you have in your hand?
  3. Please post a photo of your bag instead of linking eBay auctions.
  4. I'd love to see a picture of it. I was considering getting the same color
  5. here are some photos

    this is the one with flash

    and these are not with flash. it is almost similar to this but a bit more darker. it seems very very deep tourqoise
  6. Gorgeous colour
  7. I think the color looks great - are you saying you think it is too dark? I'm going to go to the authenticate this thread, and try to find the auction to compare the photos.
  8. I think the color is great, too! It looks like the 05 Turq that I know...
  9. OH MY! I love this color, i am so jealous!! Wear it proud its an amazing find, CONGRATS
  10. thanks gals. all doubts gone! i luv it
  11. I see what you are saying about the color of the handbag. In looking at the original auction, the color is very bright and vibrant. Your photo where the flash was used - the photos are almost identical. Your photos where NO flash is used, the color is much more subdued. I don't have a turquoise bag, so I don't know how the bag is supposed to look. If I were you, I would go and look at the different clubs section, or where people post their collections, and see what their turquoise looks like in natural light. Then PM them, and see what they think. :smile:
  12. It looks good and real to me :yes: I also have the '05 turquoise city and the color seems to be the same, here's my pic ....

    in the sunlight

    outside but in the shade
  13. I've noticed that turquoise 05 photos a bit lighter than it actually is. When my turquoise 05 Work arrived I was really surprised at it's richness in color........and I was extremely pleased. It was exactly what I was looking for. I actually liked it better than the photos. Depending on the lighting IRL, it varies from turquoise then sometimes a bit more teal with a lot of green in it but it's much more rich, saturated and vibrant than 05 Teal. Your bag is beautiful!!!!
  14. ^^^Cracker, there you are - owner of the most beautiful turquoise work! Ohhhlala!