So I got HOSED with a fake bag; what to do with it now?

  1. Before I knew better, I bought 2 what I thought were real LV's from and duh, they aren't real.

    So what do I do with them? I know how so many people feel about people who sell fake bags, and I was a product of a purchaser of a fake bag (I didn't know at the time) but I don't want them! I can't stand the thought of carrying a bag that is not the real what do I do with them? I bought them over a year ago and discovered their fake status just a few months ago and they won't refund...thanks in advance for your advice!!
  2. If the company still exists, I would definitely report them to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It's illegal for them to sell fake bags and since I am assuming you ordered by credit card, you have a statement of that purchase. If you tell them that you will report them, hopefully they'll let you return it? If not, I have no clue what you would do with them. Sorry!
  3. I received a fake Tods bag a few years ago and I donated it to a charity shop that raises money for an animal shelter. Actually they get all my unwanted stuff!

    (I was lucky I got a refund from my CC company. The seller was supposed to be in the US, but the package came from China).
  4. ya i think you report them to BBB and the internet crime place and i don't know who else you could report them to for selling fakes. and then cut them up and throw them away. no point for them to tbe sitting in your house taking space. consider it a learning point =O
  5. You can donate them to a thrift store, but mark it in permanent marker as "FAKE" all over the tags and lining on the inside so no poor buyer is misinformed.
  6. :yes: Yes.. call your CC company and tell them you just found out they were fake and they can maybe do a return to your cc... I've heard of people doing this!
  7. I say call the BBB and then have a bonfire!

  8. :idea: :roflmfao:
  9. I would report to the BBB too and see if you can make a CB?
  10. i did get a fake LV MC before in the past, and i past it on my sister who don't mind fakes LOL
  11. I like the bonfire idea!
  12. I love the bonfire idea, too! Isn't that sad?? Oh well...thank you all for your ideas! I sent an e-mail last night to my credit card company...I still have all the receipts, so wish me luck! Or not, I know some pry thing it was all my fault for being stupid...I don't mind the hater's...I have become one! :hysteric:

    Thanks again for all of your thoughts! :drinks:
  13. Also report the company to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition. I am sure they would love to hear your story.
  14. I gave a fake to my niece, who is now 4. She used it to hold important things that little girls have, such as crayons, spare change and lip gloss. ;)
  15. Do something like THIS! :graucho: