So I got an iPhone 6 and I just HAD to have a new LV in which to carry it!


Feb 11, 2013
Okay, well it was my wedding anniversary, too, so my DH said we could go to LV. I was originally planning to get a bag charm or chain to go with my beautiful Pallas bag that I got in March, but then I got my new iPhone 6 and thought maybe I should get something to carry that in instead. I have a DE Mini Pochette, which I love, but with the bulky case on my iPhone 6 it just wasn't going to work, so I got this beauty to carry my phone:

The only thing that I am a bit unhappy about is that this bag is quite narrow so I can only carry a few very thin things in it along with my phone, but otherwise I think the size is perfect for when I just want to take my phone and the essentials. Now, what do I do with my mini pochette?



Apr 30, 2014
Congrats and happy anniversary!

Maybe you can use the mini pochette to carry small loose items in your bigger purses. That is what I usually wind up using mine for....also for a little emergency kit when I am traveling.


Be Blessed, MoNikki
Apr 30, 2014
Very nice and happy anniversary! Congrats on both the clutch and phone! Love the 6 😍

Be Blessed MoNikki