So I got a PCE card in yesterday's mail, but there's a problem.....

  1. I went to the website for a little preview since I can't get to a store until Saturday, and nothing, I mean NOTHING spoke to me or got my attention.

    Not like I should be shopping for anything now, since I'm going on vacation next week, but boy, what timing.... A discount and nothing I like enough to purchase!

    This happen to any of you?
  2. Well, I did order an Ergo that I had wanted. But I understand what you mean. Nothing else really grabs my attention on there except for the Carly, which I already have. It's sort of hit or miss for me when it comes to bags. There's only a few on the site and really even in the whole line that I really like enough to purchase.
  3. Keep in mind that you aren't limited to only what is online. Have you looked at the new catalog? Most of what is in there is available for order with the PCE discount.
  4. well it isnt worth spending money if nothing appeals to u. for this kinda $$ u gotta love it! what abotu a new wallet thoguh or something?
  5. I got the new catalogue a few weeks ago, but couldn't find it yesterday... I think DH threw it away! :graucho:

    truth be told, I haven't liked much of what's come out for the last few seasons, with a few exceptions. I've bought some small leather goods and accessories this year, and I guess that's why I got the card... I haven't bought a Coach Bag in two years or so.

    Hopefully they will come out with some new stuff for winter that I'll just fall in love with ....too late for this PCE, of course, but, oh well.
  6. I know this is a stupid thing to ask but I just started reading these forums...I have 3 coach bags,2 wristlets...I have three kids so the only thing I buy for me is a bag now and then..but anyway what is pce? I am sure to get picked on for not knowing but I guess it is some kind of discount?
  7. Welcome! PCE is preferred customer event where select customers get 25% off. You can find more information in the PCE Thread that is stickied at the top.
  8. how about one of the new keyfobs? The lion is soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!
  9. I think you should go to your Coach store and see the bags and stuff in person. The pix on the website dont do justice for any of the bags. I bought the Chelsea Mineral Hobo, Turnlock wristlet and Mini skinny and if I would have seen them pictured on the website first I wouldnt have bought them!

    The PCE discount is only good thru the 30th and then its gone till the next one at the end of the year! I'm gonna go on the 30th and look one more time...who knows what I missed before!
  10. I agree!! If you don't like any of the bags, how about a keyfob? I just got the Tortoise Keyfob and love him!! He smells SO good too, the leather is just fabulous!
  11. or the frog one or the lion =)