So I generally go for stiff and rigid...

  1. birkins or HACs ;)(chevre, box, vache ligee, fjord) but I have been feeling an itch for something just big and sloppy and casual.... a real knock around, look like you don't care kind of Birkin/HAC....
    I have a clemence 30, 35 and jpg and just love them but they can get very heavy.
    I've been pondering a swift (yes, Rose, it has been atleast 2 weeks since my last one)...
    I am concerned about the delicacy of swift though. would if fit the bill for a real day to day bag? Does swift even come in a HAC (my fav style)?
    If you have a swift 30, 35 or HAC, could you post in it's natural, unstuffed state?
    If you don't think swift fits the bill--unstructured but light--what would you suggest?
  2. Two weeks??!!! LOL...okay well I have swift in a bolide and I don't think of it as slouchy per se.....I have the mou clemence bolide which I would call slouchy -- but if you think clemence is heavy what about togo? Lighter probably and tough?? Good all around......just a thought...although I LUV swift!
  3. So Shoes, swift doesn't smoosh down? maybe not a bolide or 30, but I wonder about a 35.

  4. Oh, and I'm just teasing about the 2 weeks!
  5. I don't think of Swift as slouchy OR knock around, honestly. I would suggest Clemence. Or, um, Evergrain. LOL
  6. ^^^Oh you are bad!
    so clemence is the slouchiest. I guess I have that covered and I can go back to the taking it slow thread.
    i think I need my friend Isus to pop in here...Isus, oh Isus!!
  7. togo will slouch too, my birkin does
  8. Rocherchic, I think it will smoosh down in a 35cm Birkin because of the lack of structure holding the bag up. Let's not talk about a brand new birkin. Look at one that is used daily for just 2 - 3 weeks. It does smoosh down into a heap. Seriously.
  9. RC - if you're looking for the smooshy feel how about a swift Lindy???

    I have a hankering for a little swift at the moment too. It's not really a knock around but it's fabulous alright.
  10. :roflmfao: has it even been a week :graucho:

    a mou bolide???
  11. :wtf: i didn't know that it will slouch like that...what if have a lot of things inside will the bottom sag?
    if so does anyone put a magazine at the bottom or a piece of cardboard to prevent it?

    also what is a HAC? is it a birkin but the height is higher than a birkin?
  12. my swift massai is squishing and yummy
  13. Hmmm...I'd love to see a 35 in swift that has seen some use...anyone?
  14. Smartypants, it has most certainly been more than a week!:noworry:
  15. HB, so swift couldn't be a knock around? does it scratch very easily? i love the texture and it seems that it would be lighter in weight than the clemence although I've never held a 35 swift to compare...I did try the lindy and love the look on others but sadly, it didn't work for me...

    GG, your massai is so yummy. I am definitely going to try to get my hands on a massai to try out when I get to ny. I have a feeling that I will really love that.