So I gained 5 pounds in a week....:(

  1. I just started working out with a trainer again. It's been two weeks. I may have gained some muscle, but come on! I know I've been feeling bloated and that may be part of it and then I just ran out of my meds which keep me from retaining fluid, but really, 5 pounds? I haven't been eating perfect, but not THAT bad! I was like 105 pounds so 5 is a big difference for me. I'm really annoyed.

    How much more does muscle weigh than fat? I work out with a trainer who trains you very intensely but for only once a week, and then you let your muscles rest. So I've been twice.

    I've also been stressed. Can that make you retain fluid?
  2. It sounds like your body is adjusting to the new sessions with the trainer. That combined with running out of the meds plus the stress you mentioned are probably exactly why this happened.

    Keep a daily record of your weight and at the end of the week take the average of those weigh-ins. Then, do the same for the next few weeks.

    Is your goal with this trainer to just tone up or to lose weight as well as tone up? Just curious.
  3. It would be pretty difficult for anyone to gain five pounds in a week. One pound = 3500 extra calories. So somehow, you have consumed an extra 17,500 calories on top of what you burn daily, whether it be through exercise, or just plain old existing.

    You might be retaining some fluid, your body might be adjusting to working out, and stress might cause you to retain water. I'd focus on limiting salty foods, drinking water, working out with your trainer and eating well. Your body will regulate itself, give it time :smile:
  4. ITA ^^^

    Also, when you are doing weight training you are actually tearing down muscle tissue and rebuilding it, so water can get trapped in the process.

    Cristina is right, your body will adjust :yes:

    BTW: muscle tissues is approximately three times as dense as fat :tup:
  5. Well, I know I haven't consumed that many more calories!

    I guess I just have more fluid. I only really weigh myself once a week, but usually I'll be up a pound or two maybe just due to fluctuations, and then the next week it'll go back down. But this is the most I've weighed in months.

    I'm not really trying to lose weight per se, though I wouldn't mind. I'm just trying to tone up. I want to be less flabby and more firm. Even though I'm not overweight I'm mushy.
  6. I think you're probably retaining a lot of water. I can't imagine someone gaining that much weight in a week otherwise. I know that I gain 3 pounds right before my period. It's all water and it goes away after my period starts.

  7. Zophie...what meds might those be? For weight reasons? or Medical reasons...???:confused1:

    Yes, stress piles the old lbs on me. :cursing:
  8. It sounds like retained water.
  9. I know my weight can vary 2-3 lbs in a single day. I always feel that when I start a new workout plan my body goes into shock and starts retaining water. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  10. I did too... My weight's never really steady, it always fluctuates. I gained a lot b/c I started using the pill, so I guess it's normal...

  11. I take Spironolactone, for health reasons. I have PCOS, basically wacked out hormones, and before I started taking the meds I would retain a lot of fluid. I got on the scale though right as I ran out of my meds, so I don't know how much it has to do with it though. My pills still haven't arrived yet. grrrrr.....