so i found this bag.....

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  1. Ok so i decided on exactly what bag i wanted and thought it would take a decent amount of time to find because technically i'm on a ban. well of course i found it on ebay but its more than i really wanted to spend being as i am not supposed to be spending any lol so the auction ended and no one placed a bid so i take that as a sign. so i message the seller and ask if she would be willing to accept an offer and she agrees but now i cant decide how much to offer. it was listed at 389.99 how much would you ladies offer?
  2. no clue need to know what bag it is?
  3. yep thats it didnt want to tell for fear of someone stealing it how silly is that.
  4. That is a good price already sorry.
  5. Sorry price talk is not allowed on the RM boards.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.