So I found a Black City GGH 07...really better than 08 or 09?

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  1. WOW! She looks gorgeous on you, great pics! Congrats again :woohoo:
  2. Such a gorgeous bag, congrats!
  3. She looks great on you! Congrats!
  4. Thanks SO much gals! I absolutely adore her! She's so black and squishy. Can't believe my luck!!!

    So now on to do research in the Care & Maintenance section. SA told me NOT to condition my bag...said the reps from Bal told him to discourage customers from doing it. Hmmm...however, seems that so many TPFers have done so with great results....
  5. yes i heard that too and also heard though that the ggh will ONLY be in BLACK but is that just a rumor? did anyone else hear that

    Once you feel the leathers for yourself: there is really NO contest! LOVE THEE BAG. OMG now I want one. :Push:

    I'm sure we'll all be checking back again and again to swoon at the pics of your pick. :couch:
  7. It's debatable. Mostly I think they say that because Bal told them to say that. Most of the gals here have had nothing but great experience moisturizing a bbag.

    My thought process is: leather is similar to our skin. You wouldn't walk around with dry'd put lotion on to prevent it from cracking. There's nothing worse than dry leather since it has more tendency to crack/chip...
  8. Holy crap girl! Looks GREAT on you. Jet black!! :nuts:
  9. gorgeous! i can never tire of the black ggh combination. come to think of it all this talk of the combination is making me want to get myself one. :P

  10. not true. balenciaga stores will be carrying various colors with GGH. depends on their buy though, not every color will come with GGH. this S/S 09 season GGH will come in maldives, officier, bleu layette, black, framboise (no anthra and sanguine). hope this helps!
  11. Congrats, your bag is so yummy!! you wear it really well, enjoy it!
  12. Thank you very much for this info, frankiextah. Officier with GGH sounds delicious :nuts:
  13. That bag looks amazing on you. You are such a cutie and I love your outfit with it. Congrats and really good choice!
  14. Absolutely right.:tup:

    Bal London already has Officier GGH in and it's GORGEOUS!!!

    I'm in LA at the moment and I asked the SA in Bal LA see what GGH they had in and she told me that GGH has been discontinued. It's terrible that SA's are giving the wrong information out! I had to put her straight because I know for a fact that GGH is here to stay for now in Bal boutiques. :yahoo:
  15. Your GGH city looks amazing on you!! I love 07 leather personally, and I could immediately tell the difference between 08 and 07. Hands down to 2007!!!