So I found a Black City GGH 07...really better than 08 or 09?

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  1. Personally, if I where you, I would buy 09 black. I have only felt 07 once and then seen pictures of it and it does look gorgeous. But I own a black 09 and it is delicious, thick, buttery soft and jet black. Of course, with the inconsistency of Bal, I might just have been lucky.
    There are quite a lot of great reviews for the 09 black so you might not regret it if you don't get the 07.

    If you can then I agree with Rere that you should get it home. It's the only way you'll know if you like it.
  2. There have been rumors going back and forth whether or not GGH is going to be discontinued in 09, so that might not even be an option. As for the differences between 07 and 08 blacks, 08's have had some issues being true black. They're mostly faded black or a grey-ish black. Some 07's have had some fading issues, but they're (more than likely) chevre--goat leather, which they don't produce anymore. And people prefer it. I'd definitely go get the 07, and take some modeling pics for us. Like my gal rere said, we'll make it easy to decide what to do ;)
  3. i agree w/ the ladies who said go for the '07. it would be ideal if you could see it in person to decide whether the color/leather is what you like. but IMO, nothing beats the thick, wrinkly leather of '07. good luck!
  4. I DID IT!!! I just picked it's so lovely. It is indeed the chevre leather - yummy! So soft and squishy! The SA brought out an 08 and 09 for me to compare and the 07 was most def the most scrumptious.

    I'm not sure what season it is though. Tag reads:2007 3 173084 D9416 649
    Any ideas?

    Thanks so much gals to help me decide! I'll post pics as soon as I can! I also bought a green Midday GGH last week and I'll have to get those photos up as well.

    SO HAPPY!!!
  5. YAY! :yahoo: I'm so glad you thought the 07 was the best! 2007 3 is F/W 07. Congrats, I cant wait to see pics!

  6. YAYYYYY sooooooo glad for you!
    we are both so lucky to have found our bags!

    here is my thread if that helps at all with pix
    and FYI i have the 08 WORK and it is GORGEOUS the leather is fabulous and dark saturated black
    and smooshy...GO FIGURE!
  7. I have an 07 black city with GGH.....the leather is too die for. I have 2 08 black city bags and they can't even compare.
  8. Photos of my delicious new bag!

    Attached Files:

  9. I spoke with an SA (Steve, I think) at South Coast Plaza yesterday and he said they were getting in Black City GGHs from February through April. There's a waitlist and if you give your credit card number, you get priority. He said all the Bal stores are getting them in. I didn't ask about other colors in GGH. I guess the rumor about them not having GGH anymore is false.

    Zoe: Congrats! I can't wait to see pics...I want to get one too! Which NM did you go to?
  10. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so jealous right now!!
  11. Modeling Pics!

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  12. Thanks so much! I actually got the bag at Barney's in San Francisco (sorry about my little blip - I also called up Neiman's yesterday which also carries Bal bags. My brain was all befuddled!)
  13. you look gorgeous!
    glad you decided to keep it!
    making me want an 07 even more now
    congratulations :biggrin:
  14. Love black with gold hw and you wear it well!!
  15. Your bag is delicious :drool:
    Congrats!!! Enjoy :yahoo: