So I finally tried CL Pigalles at NM ...

  1. and curious how in the world do you guys walk in them??? :shrugs: I couldn't walk and I am a seasoned heel addict. The heel was about 4 to 4.5 inches which is not bad at all but me feet kept hitting the "cleavage" area or whatever and it is so uncomfy. I have Rossi pumps and the cleavage is about the same but raised much higher so my feet are comfy. Are Pigalles just a very uncomfortable model in general? I went in expecting to walk out with a shoe box and walked out empty-handed.
  2. I agree! They are way too high for me!
    I love the way my feet look in them, but way too uncomfortable.
  3. No you aren't the only one. I think they are 5 inch heels. Bu it is the way they are arched. I would like to see the bottom of the ones people own here since they say they wear them. I think they just sit in their closets. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but if I can't walk in them, I doubt many other people can.
  4. You know Camilla al-Fayed (the Harrods heiress), the girl who wears 120mm Pigalle's pretty much everywhere, all the time (walking on the street, day-time events, not just black-tie/red-carpet functions)? Well I heard from a pretty reliable source that she gets botox for her feet in order to handle those shoes on a regular basis. Still, compared to most normal people, she does little walking as she's chauffeured around everywhere. I would not be at all surprised to hear that Victoria Beckham gets botox treatment for her feet as well.
  5. Now, THERE'S an idea! :graucho:
  6. so does that mean botox numbs your feet from the pain of your feet arching so much ? lol
  7. I have a pair, but they are slightly too big. I think short steps and not really walking too far at all are the trick, you know?
  8. OUCH!!!! I think CL's a beautiful but not practical for me. I have to have something that is also functional and comfortable!!! I guess it just depends on your feet/lifestyle!

  9. I think that 120 mm pigalles are hard to walk in but certainly not impossible. They are certainly not dance all night shoes.

    My SAs have told me that many ladies have the heel lifts on their 120mm pigalles cut in half and that is supposedly makes a big difference. I have been thinking of trying it.

    Suprisingly though the 100mm pigalles are extremely comfortable.
  10. ITA. THey are definitely very doable, but I just realized the 120 mm heel on a very prive/no. prive is easy for me when it comes to that height. I felt like my feet were arching in ways that God did not intend them to with the 120 mm pigalles in the original heel. lol

    The sculpted heel in the 120 mm is easier though! I had the mesh pigalles, but had to get rid of them because they were too big for me even with 2 inserts lol, but those had the sculpted heel and were easy to walk in, so perhaps that is an option for you?
  11. 100mm pigalles are about as comfortable as 4inch heels come.

    The 120mm pigalles... these take a bit of practice. Though I've found the level of comfort varies for me from one 120mm pigalle to another. The patent leopard print is probably the most comfortable pair, and then the nappa leather platinum and then the lovas -- aren't too bad. Everything is requires a chauffeur and minmal walking.
  12. I don't know about botox, but I have heard of getting collagen injected to the balls of your feet to make it less painful.

    I find that the 120mm in the VP and no. prive is much more comfortable and easier to walk in for me as well.

    I have accepted with defeat that I will never own a pair of the 120mm Pigalles. I am going to give the 100mm Pigalles a try though.
  13. Foxy -- Yup, a GF of mine here in Manhattan botoxed the pads of her feet, so she can wear heels all the time. At this point, that's a bit drastic for me, but I won't lie -- I've considered it once or twice, after a long day in heels.
  14. Yikes! It seems that your feet send you pain signals for a reason! Getting rid of the cause of the pain makes more sense than Botoxing away the symptom! Although I agree they are very hot shoes...
  15. I would love to try them on but I've never seen them in Saks here.

    I can't imagine botoxing my feet. I'll suffer a little for fashion, but that is too much.