So I FINALLY moved...

  1. and what a disaster. The dust has not settled yet, literally. Anyone have any idea how to get all this dust and junk left from the construction out of my house?
    As a side note, of course the first thing I did was connect my laptop and my DH walked by. He said," Maybe you can find the kids toothbrushes before you go on your forum thingy!"
  2. lmfao @ what your husband said!!!! Too funny :p

    The only advice I have is to clean clean clean. What type of dust is it? Drywall dust? Ugh, that's the worst! Wash everything down, wash the floors, walls, doors, cabinets, windows, etc. Wait a few days and do it again
  3. can you contact a construction cleaner company in your area? They are usually listed in the yellow pages under house cleaners.
  4. Get a good vacuum - the heavy duty one. I've broken a regular vacuum from cleaning up after construction. We ended up buying SHOP-VAC.

    If you can, hire maids for now. It will help you tremendously and save you time (so you can be here at tPF longer, LOL!).
  5. The drywall dust seems to get on everything each time you took my friend weeks to get rid of hers.....
    Good luck.
    I am sure in a few weeks you will be feeling at home and decorating and thinking what a beautiful house you live in and may you only feel peace, happiness and tranquility within the house.
  6. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I had a team of maids in for two days straight and the dust still seems to be everywhere! I started to make headway in the unpacking department. I thought I ticked off my DH by going on the computer immediately, but apparently I upset him evern more by placing my Chanels in the closet and leaving his clothes in the suitcase! you think I would have taken a hint....