So I finally had the balls to call Eluxury..

  1. The lady was very nice, and I will get my return, 8 dollars back shipping back, and shipping before waivered and sent to my account. i will also get free shipping my next purchase.:roflmfao: Feel so empowering, I'm going ahead and ordering from for my messenger! LOL now I can justify the purchase.
  2. Yeah!! Good job Aarti!! I'm glad you're getting most of your money back. Did she have any kind of explanation on why the clutches were so different?
  3. Never mind Aarti...I just read your reply on the other thread. I can't believe Marc Jacobs would make such a big mistake! And why haven't they tried to correct it yet? The purse is back on ELuxury.
  4. No clue! I guess no one has called about that particular wristlet. But I know a couple of people wanted to order it, but wanted to order the one they see online, not the one in my pictures, when my pict is what they would get.
  5. Thats what threw me off from thinking its a fake, the lining is exactly like pictured, the plaque didn't look off.
  6. Yay! Glad to hear they were able to work it out with you.