So I finally got my Rouge Vif City today!!!!

  1. I am so happy, I love this bag!:yahoo:

    All the pics were taken with a flash, I am an idiot when it comes to my camera and don't know how to turn off the flash.:shrugs:

    So here she is.........

    DSC_0082.jpg DSC_0106.jpg DSC_0107.jpg
  2. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, she's a beauty cilla, congratulations :wlae:
  3. wow i'm starting to itch to get one! oh this place is so bad for me. well my bank actually.
  4. Congratulations cilla...its beautiful :yahoo:
  5. Congrats! It's a beauty!
  6. another beauty has landed!!! :yahoo: congrats and thanks so much for sharing!!! :nuts:
  7. Another gorgeous rouge!!! :love: Congrats cilla!!! :yahoo: It's beautiful, and your pictures are great! :flowers:
  8. Hey, cilla I have the rouge and black. Isn't it a beauty?! Mine looks darker than yours. Now I'm lusting for the bubblegum...yummy!
  9. wow that is soooo nice. congrats!
  10. Oh my ... everybody with their rouge vif ... I feel so left out :crybaby: . It is really, really beautiful :love: !! Congratulations!!
  11. Thank you all for the kind words!:heart:
  12. the leather on your bag looks gorgeous. congratulations!!! i think the real darkness/brightness of the colour is really hard to capture. when i tried photographing even my rouge theatre, it was hard to get it to turn out right... in some it even looked like the rouge vif!
  13. Congratulations--it's absolutely amazing! I want one so badly!!!! :love: Thanks for posting pictures!!!
  14. Ga-ga-gorgeous, cilla! I'm so jealous of your collection-- you have all my favorites! Congrats girl!
  15. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Mine are due tomorrow. I hope mine is as gorgeous as yours is.
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