so i finally got my inclusion

  1. but it doesnt fit and its a small.

    im pretty sure there are only smalls left in the US.

    although i do have another one being sent to me and they dont know what size it was so there a 50/50 chance it might be a medium im trying to think of it as a cup half full situation but im going to be very upset if its a small :sad:

    well heres the pics they are terrible !

    bj 212.jpg bj 218.jpg

    oh and if i dont get a medium in transparent i get no inclusion at all. bc i had my heart set on a transparent or a nuetral color that would go with everything so i guess ill just have to wait until next inclusion colors. does anyone know when they will come out :confused1:
  2. Sorry to hear that. Hope the next one is the right size!
  3. thanks i hope so too im so upset :crybaby:
  4. Cheer up! I have tiny fingers too and cant wear the small size... but that means I have more excuses to go for the earrings, necklaces and bracelets :graucho:
  5. awww thats soooo sad. good luck! i thought they said that the smalls were hard to come by.
  6. not in my case. i wish they were i want a medium so bad !
  7. Sorry to hear that. I didn't know they came in different sizes.
  8. Great pics!!! :p

    Awww... so sorry to hear about it not fitting you... :sad:

    I hope you find the right size!
  9. I am so sorry to hear it is to small.
  10. sorry!! hope you find the right bracelet
  11. Awww that's too bad! Keep looking- you'll find it soon!
  12. Shame, its so pretty too. Hope you can track one down in your size.
  13. Set up a daily search on eBay for "transparent inclusion" -- one will turn up eventually...
  14. aww. sorry it didnt work out! i hope the new one is a medium!
  15. they make bracelets in MM? i only thought they had the 2 sizes? sorry it doesnt fit....