So, I dyed my hair at 1AM...

  1. So on friday night I was sleeping over my friend's house with about seven other girls for her birthday. We went to KMart and all bought hair dye, and then walked back to her house and dyed each other's hair for about 4 hours straight. I dyed about 5 girls hair and helped with the rest. This might seem like it would end in disaster, 15 year olds dying each other's hair in the middle of the night but everyone's hair turned out really great. I was in charge since I was the only one to have dyed their own hair before, I kept track of when everyone had to wash it out and all.

    Anyway my hair was a medium brown before:


    And I decided to dye it dark red on the top and black on the bottom. I was sharing the black dye with my friend, and she went first and had really thick hair so most of it was used up. I ended up only doing a small layer on the bottom black that you really can't see in the picture. It turned out more dark brown than red, but I think I like it:


    Sorry the pic is so big :*

    Anyway, what do you think?
  2. aw i think its cute! suits you.
  3. I love it! Great job! Haha I always end up doing my friends' hair too, they get too scared :biggrin:

    I think the new color looks lovely. Do you like it???
  4. Very cute, great job!
  5. that shade of red looks really pretty! may I ask what brand and color it is?
  6. Oooh, it looks really nice! I've always wanted to go red but I'm afraid it will look werid with my skin color.
  7. Thanks guys :biggrin: Yeah, I do like it..haha I have to get used to it being dark again. Its Garnier 100% Color, the shade is...uh...I'll look up the name, but the girl on the box has really short straight across bangs.
  8. I think it's really cute! I used to dye my hair a very similar color when I was your age and my friends and I usually did it at 1am during sleepovers too! :biggrin:
  9. It looks good!
  10. It came out very good, you look cute.
  11. It looks really good! I think it suits you well, you pull it off very well!! Good job! :amuse:
  12. I think you did good!! That color looks good with your skintone!! :tup:
  13. Hey, nice job! The title of your thread scared me for a second - LOL!!
    Very pretty! :tup:
  14. Really cute! I love the new color, it's really nice!!
  15. xD It scared me after I dyed my hair. I was like, "Oh crap..did I just dye my hair at 1 in the morning without asking or alerting my mother?"

    Thanks everyone(: