So I dont think I want the Mirror Keepall any more...

  1. Saw the one on eBay and loved it and all but it doesnt come witha strap! its a 55 and its big!! I need a strap! asked the seller, said they wernt made with them, so the mirror stuff is on now and it doesnt show it with it either, I dont think its gonna work for me :sad:

    not sure what to do here
  2. not that i would buy the eBay one, i can get it from my store if need be
  3. I don't know Matt.......if you really really like Miroir....maybe you could purchase a regular vachetta strap for it? I don't know how tacky that would looks though. The 55 is really big not to have a strap for it!
  4. You would think with a Keepall it would have a shoulder strap. Vachetta strap is out, I don't think it would look good... IMO
  5. no i dont think it would go with it. They show it on the runway with the strap and it looks great! why get rid of it? I know the bags are lite weight but its just the point...
  6. Is there a place to put the strap? if so, I would consider just buying one for it. Not the Vachetta, I agree.
  7. ^^^^ I don't think there is a place to attatch a strap.

    Matty, just don't get a Keepall. Like I've told ya before, you already have two you luggage whore. :p
  8. No Go~ No buy. You want the thing to be functional IMO. :idea:
  9. ITA...that's stinky...I wonder why to strap, maybe not flexible enough...I could see it creasing badly.
  10. I say only go for it if it meets what you want, which is not the case. Unless LV makes the strap, you shouldn't get it IMO. :winkiss:
  11. :yes: :yes: well said!
  12. It's a *****in' piece but the question is do you really need another piece of luggage??? Then again I'm not one to talk considering I want the Muse Sac de Voyage en Chocolat...
  13. Dont get it.. i'm sure ull find something that matches ur need in the 07 spring/summer collection :smile:
  14. You probably call LV to ask if they can make the strap for you? I saw the photo with strap and looked nice. I hope you will get it!!!;)
  15. I say go for the keepall!