So I did the right thing.. right?

  1. I returned the ludlow for the french purse because even though the size was perfect for me, I easily could have profited more with a cles, so by getting the french wallet, I have more possibilites.. right? I can put cash in it, if I'm in a crunch I can put my phone in it, which is what I've been wanting all along. I can also put my insurance card in the cash slot since its so big. Everything I possibly need in that wallet. And I'll have the wallet for years. So its a good investment right? I hate always feeling guilty! I'm not in any financial fix or anything. What's a girl to do? :shrugs: :push:
  2. I think you did the right choice. :yes:
  3. I think so..if it will work better for you, then you definitely did make the right choice.
  4. Sounds like you made the perfect decision!
  5. I think you made a good decision:yes:
  6. I'm sure you made a good choice because it sounds like you've thought it out, and it sounds like you'll make it work for you:yes: .
  7. Can you really fit a phone inside a french purse? Maybe you have a really tiny phone? :shrugs:
  8. aarti, it is a great investment!!!
  9. I have the samsung razr like phone. it fits, but I don't want to do it regularly becuase I don't know how the leather stretches.
  10. you made a great descision!!! it's a cute wallet!
  11. I think the french purse is better functioning! Don't cave into guilt, enjoy it!!!
  12. you made a perfect decision ;)
  13. You've thought it out and made a great choice.
  14. Oh wow! Nice that you have that option in a pinch. Great decision....I love the french purse!
  15. I love the French purse so personally I think it was a great idea.:yes: